Friday, October 30, 2015

The Animal Costume Party- A Sweet Success!

Hello Families!

It was so lovely to watch all of the students' hard work come together for their party!  Thank you to Clara and Nancy for helping to make sure it was a valuable experience, and for doing so much extra work!  Thank you to all the families who donated food and items for the party, and thank you to all the families  who came to join in and help with the fun of the day!  It was a really special experience!

As usual, if you click on the images, it will become a larger slide show format!

Here were the activities they planned:

The Witch Memory Game

The Number Ghost Card Game

Painting Pumpkins For The Pumpkin Patch

Writing Animal Stories
(sorry I didn't get more photos of this corner!)

The Snack Station!

Thank you for all the help with clean up, too!

The Limbo Area- very popular!

The Hopscotch Area

The Board Game- a collaborative game!

The kids have lots to be proud of!  What a perfect start to their event planning careers!

Have a beautiful Halloween Weekend!  Love, Jennifer