Friday, June 5, 2015

What? It's the second to last week?


This week was beautiful!  I hope you enjoyed the students' bravery in their POLs!  That made for a special three days, for me.Thank you to all of you families who made a priority to be here to celebrate these kids!  I also hope you enjoyed sharing their robotics understanding with your child this week, too.  Thank you to Clara and Christine for organizing that time for the kids to share their excitement!

I also want to thank Katrin and Dawn for helping with our secret project- we would not be almost finished without them!  And thank you to Dawn and Abbey for helping with my surprise Construction Day.  I also want to appreciate Marisa and Dennis Fiona's mum and dad, for organzing and running our Experiment Friday.  I feel so lucky to be able to say that I have so many parents to thank!

I will share a little bit of the week, and then get back to report cards and planning for all of the excitement of the last week of school.  I am starting to have confusing feelings about the end of the year.  I am so ready to jump in the truck with my bathingsuit, knitting projects, watercolors and books and head down all over Baja.  But I am also feeling like I can't say goodbye to these kids and to you lovely families!  Thank you for making this such a memorable year for me.  These kids are amazing people!


It is lovely when the students are journaling. They are so focused and into their writing.  Most of them take on the editing phase of their work and many of them are so close in their spelling choices!  (All their reading and our work in Songs and Poems is coming out here!)  This week we took a moment to journal in the park!  Just beautiful.

Here are some spelling words that students asked for this week- please take a moment to talk about how your home work time is going and what plans you have for the students to continue learning new words next year.  This is important to ingrain in them early- a love of learning and the practice of making time for the harder, more mondane work of memorizing things like spelling, multiplication facts, etc.  I hope you took the challenge to start this process this year and you can conitnue to see what and when it works best to work together as a family.

Construction Day!  This was one of my surprises for them this week.  I created five stations with different challenges.  I hope you enjoy seeing what they did with their peers!  I personally loved that the first thing the city group did was make a gigantic park with lots of fun features (even a picnic blanket!) and also an animal shelter!  Very neat to see what is first for them!  :)

Experiment Friday!
Your child may have come home with a pretty clean penny and you can ask them how they did this!  I think you probably have most of the ingredients they used to test out how to clean a penny.  I hope these photos help your child to share more about what they did.  Thanks so much to Fiona's parents!  It was fun!

Last weekend's park day!
Thanks to all you families who tried to make a park date this year! I feel it's my job to try to create experiences where you can connect with eachother so that you can begin creating a network of parents to help you out and who support you and remind you that you are doing a lot right in this crazy world!  Each park date was fun and special, so thanks for making it so!

Have a beautiful weekend! (I will- Tomorrow I am taking an all day Shibori class in someone's backyard- I'm so excited!  Hopefully I don't come to school with blue hands!  ;)
 Love, Jennifer

Better late than never: we finally got a photo with everyone in it!
That has been hard this year!

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  1. Thank you SO much Jennifer!!! We are all having so many mixed feelings about this being the last week of school! With all of these fun events happening the week will fly by!!! Looking forward to savoring every moment!!