Monday, June 15, 2015

Our Last Week Together!

Hello Families,

I am having a hard time believing it's true.  It is summer and our time together is over.  I have learned so much from you and your children in the last year, two years and even for a few of you, three years togther!  How lucky am I to have known such brave, creative, curious, halarious, caring, determined, dedicated, loving people.  I will miss you and truly hope you come back and visit often.  I look forward to hearing about all the ways you will grow in your future, all the cool research and projects you will do and all the fun ideas you will have!

This week was fun, bittersweet and full.  So, here is a long post for you!

How much did we raise?

The money had continued to flow in, and people kept ordering more cards, plus a few families had been selling sets to neighbors, so we were still collecting!  This week we counted all the checks and money.  We used a number line type setup to help keep track.  We noticed that our understanding of coins- for instance that four quarters makes a dollar- helped us count, only four checks of $25 make $100!  These kids are amazing!  I appreciate how excited and joyful they were about raising money to give to help others!


I love doing this at the end of the year!  I hope your child now has this as a memory of some things that others thought of them!  It was fun to see what different parents and children wrote on each one.  Each of these kids has things in common and things that are unique to them.  Maybe this summer they can add more words as they continue to grow and try to gain more abilities and personal qualities.

Four Fun Experiments!

Thank you to Marina for planning our last experiment day, and for doing so many throughout the year!  This was fun and interesting, with lots to continue thinking about.  Thank you also to Darlene, Seng, Aaron and Paul for coming to help out!  I am including the info for these activities in the class email, if you want to do some at home over the summer.

Class Party

Thank you for joining us to make this such a nice time.  We also apprecate all the fun food- what a feast!  It was a really fun day- the stations were simple, but fun.  It was nice to see so many families talking and enjoying.  I appreciate what a lovely group of families you are!

Thank you!

Thank you for all that you families have done this year- volunteer, purchase supplies, chat with and support students on the yard, drive on field trips, plan or man Experiment Fridays, do laundry or dishes, clean the fish tank, clean our classroom, been the family reader, set up Exhibition Night, folded cards, manned our fundraiser booth, donated gift cards for supplies, sold extra cards for our fundraiser, come to park dates, connected with other families, send your child to school ready each day, asked questions, communicated regularly, read the blog and reflection pages, asked me how I am doing, supported me, and appreciated me through gifts, hugs and countless other thoughtful moments.


I hope you enjoy a beautiful summer and where ever life leads you, I hope you keep in touch!

Sending out love... love... love, Jennifer

PS Here is a glimpse into my summer plans...

Baja, Mexico

and another Shibori class...

And lots of painting, knitting, reading and learning!


  1. Thank you Jennifer for your last posts, that was a wonderful closure to this fantastic year (I am excited about the upcoming post, Ryan has done a great job hiding his gift from dad so far!). Wish you a great summer and hope to see you soon :)

  2. Jennifer, you have been a wonderful kindergarten teacher for Veronica! Thank you for everything you have done this year! Looks like you will have a great summer. See you next year! Jennifer

  3. Thank you, Petra and Dick! I really love doing it for you guys, the kids deserve it! Yes, stay tuned for photos this weekend, and I will probably post a few of my summer in August, too! Enjoy your summer!