Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June Songs And Poems!


You may guess why I am choosing these ones!  I wanted to end the year with fun!  It turns out that so many know the Best Day Of My Life song, so that is perfect!  And the other song just goes with the kids feeling of remembering each other and all the great memories they made together!

I also was hoping the Poet's Tree and Book would remind the kids to read over the summer and keep with their love of enjoying new books and the library!

Thank you is for you all- students and families!  Thank you for making this such a special and inspirational year!

I hope you have enjoyed the songs and poems we learned this year as much as I have enjoyed sharing them. (Come into class to see them all up on the wall!) This group of students has become so great at reflecting on the meaning behind the author's messages, and also sharing their own understanding or relationship with the words.  It has made the year extra memorable for me!

I wish you a life long love of muic, poetry and liturature!  Love, Jennifer

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