Friday, June 19, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!

I hope this was a really special day for you. We decided to learn a bit about a new kind of creativity: leather tooling.  The kids were interested in how they used the stamps to make new and bigger shapes and also the tools intrigued them, too!  Their journal entries on this were pretty cool.

Here are two videos we watched about leather tooling!

This time I could not have done this without Katrin and Dawn, who came in on different days to help out!  I really appreciate the help of these two lovely women all year!  Thanks to them, each student was able to actualize their plan for their father's keychain.  And thank you to all the bruised finger moments that you had, for the cause of helping these children see themselves as capable and giving people!  (Sorry about the two people I didn't photograph- I was trying my best to be many places at once-sorry!)

And finally:  Here are the students' words about you- their dads!  Happy Father's Day!  Thank you for all you do for us, Dads!

Enjoy your summer, Jennifer

Patrick T: I like him because he plays with me in the backyard- catch.  He takes me out to fun places when my mom has to run an errand or something.  I appreciate he does for me is he takes me to fun places like amusement parks.  I like days when we can go out with each other.  
Clare: Sometimes he plays with me and sometimes he gets things for me.  He stays until I fall asleep.  When I notice at night when he's in the livingroom he was playing a game and then he comes back and sleeps in my room with.  What I like doing together with him is playing pokemon cards.
Patrick R: He sometimes plays football with me and I like that he makes my breakfast sometimes and sometimes lunch and snack.  He gives me kisses and hugs when I'm in my bed.  
Ryan: I appreciate my dad for helping me and if I want to build something I ask Mom or Dad to help me.  He always hugs me and he surprises me that I like and it's fun.  I like to go play and he likes to go places with me and he likes to find hummingbirds with me, too.
Liam: I like that he makes breakfast for us. He made bread for us.  So like, he sometimes plays with me.  When my moms not here, he sometimes cuddles with me at bedtime.  On the weekend, he brings up ideas of what we can do, like go to Souplantation, like yesterday.  I like going places with him, to Legoland, and Disneyland and other places.
Fiona: Whenever my mom was out, he didnt just say practice is canceled, he would do it for us, cuz he played soccer when he was younger.  He sings me my favourite song, "Bck to the hous". I like that he taught me how to play golf.  He makes the best lunches ever.  
William: He makes eggs for us some mornigns and he really helps mom with some of the work in the kitchen.  He plays chess with me like my mom, sometimes because I just really like how he's letting me do lots of stuff, not like other parents who are really strict.  He's jsut very free and open to ideas.  I just relaly llike when im able to tlak to him and play iwth him cuz i just relaly like him and im glad that he's my dad.
Rachel: I appreciate my dad for wrestling and playing hide and go seek with me and being really kind and fun and share him with me and Ian.  I like it when my dad makes pancakes for dinner.  And especially when they're pink.
Jack: What I appreciate him, cuz he makes fabulous meatballs.  He really treats me really kindly.  Like he helps me really a lot.  He's just really nice.  He's the one who cooks lots of dinner.  He takes us to lots of dessert places.
Abigail: I like how he cooks me pancakes once a week.  He reads me stories before I go to bed.  He plays with me.  We play hide and seek.  He lets me watch my favorite shows.  
Micah: My dad, I like him because he lets me go to Nickel City.  We sometimes go to 7-11.  Sometimes I say, "Where are we going?" and he doesn't say it because he wants it to be a secret.  He makes dinner for my family.  He makes broccoli, fish, chicken.  
Piper: Thank you, Dad, for watching Hattie and Calvin while mommy and me go on errands or we're going to get our hair cuts or something that we're doing together.  Thank you for helping me in the mornings when mommy, Calvin and Hattie are sleeping because when I need to ask you something, it feels nice when you respond.  Sometimes he plays jokes on us and says to us, like when he does something funny, sometimes he says, "That was a duck!" or something, when it's really him.
Bayley: What my dad does that special is he picks me up when he's on his longboard and he takes me for rides.  And he also sometimes goes on bikerides with me.  I like going to this ice cream place with him.  And I really like when he reads me storeis. 
Brett: He picks me up and throws me into the pool.  He takes me to a bike riding place that I like to go to a lot because there's giant hills that I like to go down.  He helps me with my chores.  He gets a lot of money from his work because then we get enough money for stuff like shopping.  
Landen: He takes me to places and he plays baseball with me.  Sometimes he writes nice cards to me.  He makes me food and stuff  and I sometimes help him.
Katarina: What my dad doest that makes me feel sepcial is that he goes on the trampoline with me in my back yard.  He plays with me a lot.  He's kind and caring and loving to me.  When he's around me, he first takes naps so he doesn't get grumpy with me. He goes to work for us so we can get money.  He tells us his emergencies.  He lets us chase him.  We try to do funny things to him, like tickle him or carry him around all over the place, or try to stick him in a spot.
Saul: He picks me up when my mom isn't able to- for example when she's pregnant.  He comes to my POL.  We were doing puzzles.  Soemtimes he teachers me new games and plays them with me.  Even though I'm not old enough- it's because he knows I'm smarter.  He goes to work because we need money to pay the bills so we can have our house because we have a mortgage.  We did a Lego set together and we're able to build and it's fun to build Lego sets and we take 'em apart and we build them again. He helps me when I need help.
Veronica: What I like about my dad is he plays with me in the mornings.  He plays with our toys so we can wake up.  Sometimes he does the dishes for mommy.  I like to run with him because it's fun.  
Brianna: Words about Ken: What I really like about Ken is that he be's silly with me and that he takes me places and he spoils me a lot.  Like gives me a lot of stuff a lot.  He does something as a secret and then he brings me to that place that I really like as a surprise, maybe like the movie theater.  He says what he needs, instead of just keeing instead of making it still a problem.  When he reads me stories or talk with me it feels good and I really enjoy it.  
Words about her dad: What I really like what my dad does is he also spoils me and he takes me to malls and he tickles me a lot.  He takes walks with me and also on the walks he usually brings Ireland, my little sister.
Owen: I appreciate my dad for taking me to boomers and fun places, cuz I really like it.  And thank you for playing with me and being a really good dad.  What I like doing with him is playing baseball cuz it reminds me of when I used to play baseball and I really enjoy it.  
Gavin: I appreciate my dad for buying me so many toys and being so nice to me.  He says kind words and he gives me a lot of warnings.  I like going to Funbelievable with him and bouncing on the trampolines there.  I like playing with our toy rocket.  
Kirana: He takes care of us when Momma's out.  I like playing Go-Fish with him.  He brushes our teeth in different ways.  He does everything different than Momma does it.  What makes me happy when I'm with him is when we're cuddling together.  I like that he lets us bring stuff in the car.  I like it when he says he likes something, but he really doesn't.  It's really nice to be with him because he likes telling funny things because sometiems he says he likes princesses, but he doesn't.  He's just trying to be funny.  

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