Monday, June 15, 2015

Antique Steam Museum!

Hello families!

Here are the photos from our last field trip- to the Antique Steam Engine Museum. I think this day might inspire many discussions.  One is of gratitude.  The students learned so much about how life used to be- without a lot of simple conveiniences, and with everyone in the family pitching in and taking on household duties.  Many of the kids felt especially appreciative that we don't share one tub of water for the entire family (who wants to go last?) and also that they do not have to take out and wash the

Your child might also bring up how children were punished at home and at school.  This was brought up often, and many of us adults were surprised and a bit uncomfortable!  I am always curious about how students perceive things, and what they take away from experiences.  I wonder if your child has brought this up to you at all?

All in all, the grounds were very neat, the school house and old fashioned home were enlightening and being able to see the blacksmith workshop and all the looms and women in action, weaving, was pretty cool, too.  I hope these photos help your child share about that fun day.

Have a great summer!  Love, Jennifer

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  1. A very fun field trip! We may end up going back there this weekend! Jennifer