Friday, May 29, 2015

POL planning and so much more!

Hello families!

The weeks seem to fly by, and having a four day week doesn't help!  Here's a bit about the week...

This week we were able to visit with our 8th grade buddies.  They were on their 9 day trip up California (to Sacramento, San Francisto, Big Sur...) and we were able to hear all about what they did, which cities they visited and more.  Monday morning we will have an assembly where we'll see photos of the places they visited and what they learned on this amazing journey!

Practicing for POLs!  The students are practicing now and working in pairs to help them get feedback and be clear with what they are explaining.  No matter how they do on their day, all their work- of choosing something meaningful, of planning and writing out what they were going to say, of working on presentatin skills- shows here this week!

Caterpillar math- One of the demo lessons that a teacher we interviewed (for next year) did with us was caterpillar math.  We decided to work on this more this week.  This was an interesting challenge that many friends want to continue in summer.  I also hope friends may begin making their own growing patterns and leave them as story problem type work for future kids!  What was interesting about this challenge for your child?

More secret project so I can't share that yet...  But a BIG thank you to Dawn for all your help with this!  Another thing I am excited about!  (As well as POLs, the book, the kids' party planning ideas...)

We were lucky to have two presentations this week!  Bayley and Fiona each made a powerpoint about something special for them.  On Wednesday, Bayley shared the research she had done on jellyfish and on Friday Fiona shared about her family trip to Washington DC!  We are lucky to have so many friends who are excited to do extra work and share more for us.  We have learned a lot from presentations like this all year!

These questions are things the kids might want to research with you at home!

The class was very excited to hear more about traveling tips and Washington DC since they are interested in our nations capital!  Thank you to Bayley and Fiona's families for helping them realize their presentation plans!

Well, I always could share more, but I do want to push the publish button, so I hope you enjoy this glimpse into our week!  Love, Jennifer

PS We started our June songs and poems a bit early so that we'd have more than two weeks to enjoy them.  Stay tuned for a simple post on those!  

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