Sunday, May 10, 2015

Miner's Gem Field Trip!

Hello families,

This was a nice day!  The weather cooperated and it was a mellow, sweet day.  I enjoyed watching the kids play and interact on the main green after lunch, too. This really is a lovely group of children!

I hope your child came home excited to share the gems they got.  I know at least one friend came home and began researching all the stones they have now!  It is so great to see them create homework for themselves because they are driven to learn!

This was very cost effective for you to do as a family.  There is also another option to "pan" for fossels, too!  The gift shop is pretty interesting, I imagine the kids enjoying finding unique gifts there to inspire more learning about our natural world!  Thanks to Katrin for finding this field trip for us!

Thank you to the parents who drove- you kept us safe, got invovled in the hands-on activity and helped the day flow smoothly!

Have a beautiful day, Jennifer

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  1. I enjoyed this field trip so much, I guess we will be back soon as a family because Ryan loved it too.