Friday, May 1, 2015

Is it really the last week of April?

Hello Families!

It was a nice week, and unfortunately I cannot tell you about a bit of it because of our secret project...  You will get the info on this next week after all is revealed!  :)

So, this post may be shorter...

We have been exploring various parts of plants as well as the ways plants propogate.  I did a page on this, and many of you who have been in our room may have seen the plant observation station.  We are growing a plant from Hawaii from a leaf dropping and also onions, mint and other cool specimens.

This week we have watched these videos to learn more and get excited about the many ways plants reproduce:

These videos left us excited to try out some of these experiments!  Don't be surprised if now your family wants to try to get a coconut to grow!

We also had some sky scrapers go up in our class too, which are -amazingly- still up!  Because many of the kids are excited about this challenge, we looked at these videos, too.  The one that takes place in China was especially interesting for us- we stopped it a lot to talk about all that it shares!

Journal Topics from the week:
Planting, Germination, types of plants, photosynthesis, propagation
Explaining what works in a portrait drawing
(See reflection pages!)

Spelling-  We did this for last week and this week, since we have been busy other weeks.  The kids worked together on some from last week, practicing with a friend and then switching who was trying their word and who was checking on them.  Maybe they can show you how simple this was with the words they took home on Thursday.  Enjoy working on your words this weekend!

We also began to get ready for teacher appreciation week and brainstormed all the teachers we have in our lives.  The kids came up with a great list of many people that are teachers to them.  They plan to choose someone to honor with an appreciation message next week!

Also our morning share on Friday was a silly sound or a word that sounds silly to us.  Mine was cattywumpus.  Another one I think is silly is discombobulated!There are so many odd words out there, that just seem fun to say.  If you want, here is a website with some more fun ones and their definitions.

Math spotlight: Looking at patterns in subtraction and how keeping our work organized and clear helps us to see the patterns, and also to solve math problems more easily.  (Lining up numbers will be very important in the coming years!)  This came in handy last week, also, with the students' measurement graphs!

Finally here are some gimpses into the student's open choice time work.  I hope it helps your child share some things they have been exploring.

Have a beautiful weekend!  Love, Jennifer

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  1. I am very excited to know more about the secret project :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!