Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Hello and Happy Mother's Day!

You do so much, so we have a post dedicated to you!  Here are some words that your children said about you, their beautiful mums!

Owen: I appreciate my mom for always taking care of us and being there for us.  And I also appreciate her for being such a great mom.  We go on trips with each other and she buys me stuff and we go to the beach.  We snuggle together a lot.  It makes me feel happy because I get to spend time with her.

Micah: I appreciate my mom for letting us go to Jump Sky High and other places.  She lets me play video games when I finish my homework.  She lets us play outside.  We sometimes go to the park.

Patrick T: I appreciate my mom for cooking me good food and taking me to places I like.  She reads me books and it's nice because it's, like, special.  When she plays games with me she reads, if it's a new game, she reads the rules for me.

Kirana: I appreciate her for cooking me the best food she could ever make and cleaning the house squeaky clean.  And giving me the best hugs- that she squeezes me tight.  That she gave me another backpack, even though she had already bought me one.  We have one on one time a lot.  I like going to be movies with her because we also see really fun movies that are really cool that I want it to have a second one.  It feels joyful when we're together.

Bayley: I appreciate her because she always helps me with things and she plays with me and she does fun things.  And she sends fun things with me at school- like notes. I love that she bakes with me sometimes.  She's special to me and she reads me stories.

William: I appreciate my mom for taking her time and being able to play chess with me.  I love her when she always gives me nice and wonderful food and she takes a lot of time to be helping me when I get sick.  I like to ride my bike with her and she runs along.  I also like when she does art and crafts with me.  She gives me hugs a lot, like- a lot!  We both love each other.

Piper: What I appreciate about her is she does a bunch of chores around the house for us and she really helps us get ready in the morning by helping us get dressed and helping us when, like, for an example she caries Calvin when he wants to be carried. We like to bake together and play games together.

Katarina: My mom's so helpful.  She does the dishes for us.  She does the laundry.  She picks up the dog poop sometimes.  I love that she plays games with me.  She's caring.  She's kind and loving.  She snuggles with me at night.  Sometimes, on dates, she gets gelato with me.

Gavin: What I like about my mom is that she buys me Lego sets when I don't really need them and it's just really nice of her, like she doesn't drink beer or anything, she's not a drinker. That's why I like her.  Sometimes she helps me spell stuff- like learn how to spell words like volcano: V-O-L-C-A-N-O.  What I also like about her is that she helps me whenever I'm bleeding and when I'm hurt.  What I like doing with her is going to, like, Fun Believable.  I like going to the zoo with her and her reading things- like the signs- what the animal is.  What I love doing with her is, like, snuggle with her when it's morning time so I have a good time at school.

Clare: I appreciate her for when I forget to put the toothpaste cap on, she does it for me. She does the laundry.  She sometimes comes to my bed when I'm going to bed.  She sometimes reads books to me.  She cleans my room.

Ryan: My mom, what my mom does special to me is that she comes- this morning she came to my room and I was sleeping and then I just turned around and then I saw she was there.  She's really comfy for me so I can sleep with her and hug her because she's not really rough like my dad. Like when I feel my dad's cheeks, his beard just gets, he just makes it really not fuzzy, he makes it spiky.  My mom sometimes comes and sleeps with me on my bed.  I like to play Legos with her.

Lucy: I appreciate my mom for making me breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday.  I also appreciate her for helping folding my clothes.  What she does that make me feel special is she watches movies in bed with me and she cuddles me when we read a book.  She tells me life lessons- these little tips for what to do when something happens.

Saul: She gives me options, so I don't have to eat certain things that I don't want.  When she's gonna take me somewhere and we can't go, and then she takes me to another place and she makes up for it.  She wakes me up in the morning so I'm not late for school.  Sometimes when we're at places like Jack In The Box, she'll get me shakes sometimes.

Landen: What she's special about me is that she lets me take my dog for a walk and then go to the park.  I appreciate her making my bed with me.  I love that when she makes me feel better when other kids make me not feel better.  I like playing games with her.  What she's so special is she gives me clues about like how to spell things.  Like words I don't know how to spell.

Jack: What I appreciate my mom about is she helps me a lot and she's really kind.  What's so special about her- her food that she makes.  She makes like a really good pasta and udon and lots of soups.  We color lots of things together.

Fiona: I like playing our favorite game, it's called Pack It Up, Match and Sort It.  I like watching our favorite TV show together.  She reads me a story at bedtime.

Veronica: I love reading with her.  I love coloring with her in my bed.  I appreciate her for making dinner, lunch and breakfast for us.  I appreciate her for doing the laundry.

Rachel: My mom helps me with cleaning my room and she also makes dinner for us, for me and Ian.  I really like that because she does it a lot and she doesn't get so frustrated.  I also like to color with her because sometimes I give her good coloring tips and sometimes she gives me tips.

Abigail: I like how she cooks for me.  I like how she bought me Cody.  I like how she celebrates my birthday.  I like how she's a cupcake- that means she's sweet.  I like going to parks with her, spending time with her.

Brett: I appreciate her for doing laundry.  She helps me turning on the TV.  We snuggle.

Patrick R: What I like about my mom is that she makes me dinner and breakfast and washes my clothes and tucks me into bed and gives me a kiss goodnight.  I like sitting on her lap because I get to get comfy with her.  She brushes my teeth.  She lets me play on her phone.  She tells me jokes sometimes.

Liam: I like that she like plays with me sometimes, when she doesn't have any work to do.  I like how she helps me when I get hurt.  She does the laundry.  I like how she organizes stuff.  I like to go to parks with her.  Sometimes she goes to bed with me.  I love how she does a lots of stuff.  When I'm cold, she cuddles with me.

I offered the class a new experience for thaeir gifts: Sewing on a machine.  This helped us decide what we would make.  First the students decided what colours you would like and they chose the fabric for the inside and outside of your pouch.  Then the students placed beads and buttons onto their fabric to decide which special pieces to embelish the bags with.  Next they hand sewed each embelishment on.  The final step of the bag was to sew it on the machine.  Here's a tutorial of the process to make the pouches:

Each student pressed the pedal while I guided the fabric.  They were interested in how the machine works!  I really enjoyed having such nice one-one-one moments with each of them at the sewing machine!  It was fun to hear how excited they were for you to get their present, and also all about the thinking behind their colour scheme, or even how you might use the bag in your life.  They are so excited to give you these!  I hope you enjoy them for years to come.  ( And I hope I may have passed on the sewing bug to a few of the kids, which was passed on to me by my mum and grandmother!)

A special shout out to Clara for holding the fort all week while I was able to sit with each student for this project and give them their sewing experience.  Clara helped the students coordinate making their cards, the brown paper bag wrapping and also wrapping it all up. She did it with such grace and ease- we are so lucky to have her back in class!  Thank you Clara for making this project do-able!

Wishing you a beautiful, relaxing day full of love!  Enjoy the photos of their process!  Love, Jennifer


  1. I am so impressed with this! I really cannot believe that you did this with all the kids Jennifer. Thank you so much, the pouches are adorable.

  2. I don't know any other 5 year old who gets to sew at school! You are amazing Jennifer! Ryan was so excited, he did a great job keeping the secret but he couldn't wait until Sunday, so I received my gift on Saturday :) and I absolutely love it, and I love the card and the bag! Thank you!

  3. Thank you, Petra and Vicky, for writing! I loved doing it with them and for you guys, so I am glad you enjoyed receiving the bags! It was fun to share my love of creating things with them.