Sunday, May 17, 2015

Grafting, Peter and the Wolf and Washington DC

Hello Families!

How are you?  I hope you had another nice week.  I want to thank all of you families who helped your child to something special for me for Teacher Appreciation in the last few weeks!  It has been really nice getting handwritten cards, messages, special treats, lunch, and other beautiful and thoughtful gifts!  I really appreciate you taking the time to remind me what I am doing is helping you!

This week was nice- a bit less crazy and exciting than last week,of course, but it still had it's moments.  We were thinking a lot about POLs and the play and preparing ourselves for feeling ready and not too overwhelmed with such a brave challenge!  (See the pages I wrote about this!)  We also got to go to a special performance of the classic story, Peter and The Wolf!  They shared a lot about each of the five instruments and it was very fun!

We began the week by researching a bit more about our nation's capital, since Ethan had gone on a trip previously, and Fiona was heading out there this Tuesday.  I shared a bit about my time there years ago, and we also looked at images to see how different this city looks in spring and in winter!  The students were interested in the various government buildings and in all the museums and monuments that are on the mall.  Here is one map we found on the internet.  The students journaled about what they might want to visit if they ever went to Washington DC.

Another topic we journaled about this week is propogation and the various ways plants do this!  The leaf I brought in two weeks ago has sprouted it's new plantlings, which was very cool for the kids to see!  I think what might have been the most interesting part of this research was how it is possible to graft trees.  We looked up images of fruit trees that now fruit two types of apples, or other stone fruit on the same tree.  This article's image was also interesting:

Math: Practicing Time and also looking at the fractions in the clock face to help with memorizing the minutes to be able to tell the time faster, without having to count by fives all the way around the clock! There were many exciting discoveries in these small meetings and it was fun to see the lights go on in their face and hear the intake of breath that means they are having a discovery or are making a new connection with old understandings!  We talked about the strategy of using sign posts/ markers to help you get to places faster (in this case: memorizing the 9=45, 3=15, 6=30 and 12=0/60).

We are really focusing on finishing up our various work in progress.  This week we had the goal of finishing the bookmarks so that we may begin to turn it into the book we want to have published!  The kids also began planning the book- it's purpose, the message we want to send out and what else might be included besides our fun homonym illustrations.

Our May intentions had a new theme.  In the past we have had intentions for a feeling for  the class or community in general.  This month, I asked the students to think about one more thing they might want to get good at or start doing more consistently in our last month together.  The words they chose were more personal.  It was exciting to see that the students really identified the things that would help them to work on!

Well, have a beautiful weekend!  Thank you for all you do for your kids, for me and our school!

Love, Jennifer

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  1. Thank you Jennifer for the informative post as usual and the reflection pages.
    Ryan loved the performance of Peter and the Wolf at school, we watched this interesting video on YouTube of Peter and the Wolf performed by Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and narrated by Bramwell Tovey:
    Have a wonderful week.