Friday, April 10, 2015

We Did It!

Hello amazing families!

What a special week!  It was such a beautiful week, and being the week after coming back from Spring Break, that is something!  Your kids did such a great job for the assembly.  I love that they wanted to to Everybody Got Their Something, because it really is a special song that keeps coming up for this group.  Almost every goodbye and birthday meeting that we have had in the last few months, that has been the song that was requested to sing together!  It is sure a fun one, and I am glad I to be able to share it with them.

This week was our first week having Clara back with us. WE ARE SO LUCKY!  I already feel the calmness that she shares and the fact that the kids feel supported equally where ever they go to.  I am excited to be able to finish the year with Clara.

Here are a few images of our self portrait work we did this week.  These are their first tries and they are amazing and each so special.  I am interested to see how their second tries change.  See my reflection page for more on this.

In order to get back into the swing of things, we reviewed many of the math concepts that we have looked at so far.  Each student is working on thier own Tchart to identify which concepts they feel they can do pretty well, and which ones they want to continue practicing.  For instance, some kids realized they have skip counting on both lists since they feel they are pretty good at skip counting by 5s and 10s, but when they work with quarters, they realize they could work on skip counting by 25s.  Also, many of the firstcan tell time, but they still have to count by fives silently in their heads, to figure out the minute hand.  They might put memorizing the minute numbers (example 9=45, 5=20, 10=50) on their list to keep practicing.

The students have been choosing passages from their reading books to read to the class.  This is helping friends find their read-aloud voice, to add more presence as they read and to get others excited about different books and series.

Spelling- We journaled about our Earth Day experience, so there were many words from that!  I hope your family continues to work on spelling at home.  It is a great chance to figure out when it works to do this type of activity at home, and also how your child best memorizes information.

Here is a little glimpse into our relaxing Open Choice times this week.  I wanted the kids to ease back into being at school and have a chance to remember all the learning games we have.  Many of the math games were really popular- Double It, Race to a Flat, Trading Up, Star Count.  Also, Wildcraft is still a big hit, and I love how Saul even discovered that we have an herbal remedy in our garden.  Who knew?  Valerian is great to help headaches!  It is exciting to see how the kids are starting to be able to identify and remember the plant's names.  This game also has a fun story that goes along with it.  It is a really well thought out collaborative game.

Earth Day!  Thank you to Beth and all the volunteers that came to make this fun day possible.  Also, thank you to the parents who came to help- Seng, Kim, Katrin and Abby.  It was fun and useful having you help with our booth activities.  We learned more about recycling, healthy lifestyles, plant growth and even got to plant one.  It was a special day!

The kids handled the assembly SO well.  It was so nice to be able to share a small bit of what I am lucky to witness each week.  These kids are amazing!  They are so reflective, verbal and caring in explaining thier thinking.  It is beautiful to watch the progression of their understanding of the songs and poems each month!  Congratulations to the kids on all their hard work and bravery!  If you were not able to be here today, please feel free to email  me a time that you would like to come in and see the video!  I will continue to work with tech to try to figure out how to get the video to live somewhere else, besides only in my Imovie!  :)  It has not been successfully exporting so far...  But it was very fun to make, and there were lots more footage that I had to choose not to show because of time.  These kids just have lots of great things to say!

Have a beautiful weekend!  Love, Jennifer


  1. We're back from Okinawa and we had a great time. We hope you all had good time while we were gone.

  2. It was such a beautiful and memorable week! Katarina was so proud of herself after the assembly and it was really special for our family to be there!

  3. The assembly was great, I enjoyed it very much, the kids are truly great and it helps a lot that they have a great teacher!

    1. I noticed I have used "great" too many times! don't regret it though!