Monday, April 27, 2015

Off To Birch Aquarium!


This was a sweet day.  The first hour was a course that started with a clip of video of what it looks like to live and swim among the kelp forest.  Then we learned the corresponding names for the kelp parts.  We ended the class with close up moments with four sea creatures.  There is so much to see and learn at the aquarium.  I heard many friends say they need to go back with you, their families!

Thank you to the parent drivers! We appreciate your help in getting us there, in being present for the class and in keeping us safe and enjoying the day!

Have a great week, Jennifer


  1. I love you Jennifer and I liked the pictures of are field trip and the pictures of the kelp and I went thar to and I went thar lots of times before we went on are field trip at the aquarium love veronica.

  2. looking at these pictures made me feel I were there with you all :) Thank you very much for sharing them Jennifer, and thank you to all the wonderful volunteer parents who accompanied the kids.