Sunday, April 26, 2015

Measuring Our Growing Selves, Interesting Videos, Games and Inclined Planes!


Another busy but rewarding week!  Thank you to all the families who helped out this week!  We appreciate all of out field trip drivers.  A special thank you to those of you magical fairies who are buying items off of our wishlist to enhance our classroom experience!  We have received some cool new books, pens and games!  Also, thank you to Clare's family who not only bought new snails for our aquarium, but then also cleaned it and bought replacement filters!  Thanks everyone for helping out our class!

Here is a special video of one of our songs from this month-This Land Is Your Land. It is full of beautiful image from our country.  Maybe it will inspire your family to research a new place.

In class, this inspired a great discussion about National Parks, but also about John Muir and President Roosevelt.  I heard that many of the kids already shared some of that with you this week!

This week we also looked at different simple machine videos to learn more about the science behind them.

We skipped the add at the beginning of this one...

We played a new math game to help with subtraction skills becoming easier and faster.  The Target Game is another game from the book, Games for Math, by Peggy Kaye.

The kids are growing so much, in so many ways, so I thought we would practice our measuring and graphing skills with a simple activity.  The kids were quiet as they worked, sometimes needing to work together and also pretty organized on their paper.  It was fun to see what each student get excited to measure!  :)

I didn't take any photos of their work- what!?  But I hope you can stop in to see them, as they did such a great job keeping to the practices that help to make a graph organized and readable!

Finally,  On Friday we were lucky to have a fun experiment planned by Marisa and Dennis, Fiona's parents.  They also purchased many books to go with this from our wish list, and the day relaxing and fun.  Before the kids made their own cars to test on inclined planes, Fiona's family read a fictional book about the niece of Rosie the Riviter who can't stop enginieering new things.  There was much trial and error and readjusting and reforming the prototypes of the students cars!  Thank you Dennis and Marisa!

I am going to try to keep this shorter, this week, since I am also going to upload the images from the field trip (which takes a bit of time!) for a second post!

Have a beautiful weekend, Jennifer

PS Here are two photos from my weekend...

Taken from our balcony during the great downpour of spring 2015.

Taken in Little Italy.

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  1. I love you Jennifer. I liked the pictures of the experiment and us measuring ourselves. And I liked the pictures of your weekend. Love, Veronica