Thursday, April 16, 2015

Machines, portraits, and synonyms (among other interesting learning)

Hello amazing families!

This was another eventful and fun week.  I love having so many moments of watching the wonder and excitement that the students shine out of them.  This week's "big" ordinary moment may have been discovering that there is an animal on this planet called the deer mouse!  Here is one of the websites we look at when we were looking it up.

We began the week with a few machines I use often.  I wrote a page about it, and I also hope you check out your child's journal!  It was cool to see what the kids came up with before they knew what the machines were for...

This week we bushed up on our use of more and less than by playing a simple game. The goal for many is to be fluid in the use of the symbol, which can be confusing at first.  The fun was the surprising moments when students blindly chose the same number!  Later, we had fun with the symbols and height.

We made our second tries of our self portraits.  First, the class used the morning share to say one facial feature they plan to focus on for thier next try.  Next, we used our morning greeting to connect with friends and give and receive feedback so that we have ideas on how to make some changes.  It is interesting to see what they tried to change for their second try!

On Thursday afternoon we did a rotation which included 4 activities: Sewing on paper, relax and read, a watercolor test and a mapping journal.  
Thank you to Katrin who manned the sewing station- which is a lot of work!

The watercolor test was to see how the color creates effects when you use it wet on wet.  This was quite interesting!  The kids had fun trying out differnt possibilities.  Many even verbalized plans to make new tests with differnt variables at open choice next week.  

The mapping was from our research for our fundraiser.  For Wavers for Water we have to decide which fundraiser to fund, and there are 18 pages of possibilites!  We looked through only a few to begin to see which countries are represented.  We also began reading through some to see if there was enough information given for it to be a viable choice.  The class noticed that there are many fundraisers specifically about certain areas that have been effected by natural disasters, for instance hurricaine Odile.  Next week we will make our decision!

If your family wants to do more research for us and send in a suggestion of which fundraiser to help, here is the link:

Here's a glmipse into the afternoon...

Of all the weeks we ran out of time to do spelling- this is a week we had so many words they needed!  Here they are!  Please take some time this week to practice a few with your child!

Have a spectacular weekend!  Love, Jennifer

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