Monday, April 6, 2015

Exhibition Week- prepping for the big event!

Hello Families! 

I hope you have had a beautiful week off.  I did.  Much needed time off to relax.  

The kids planned such interesting work to share for Exhibition Night.  They thought through every step of the way to the big event.  I hope your child enjoys sharing more about the work involved in getting things ready.  

I still cannot believe we raised over $800 for these organizations!  Wow!

So much to celebrate!  Love, Jennifer

Here are some of the student's reflections after this entire project experience:
Lucy: When we researched organizations I kind of sort of thought that I was actually thinking and I think we all were and I was thinking which one should we do, which one would we do, until we voted, and then it was easier for us to choose.

Katarina: I think that it’s been meaningful to help other people in the world because it’s fun to give companies money so that they can have solar panels and they can give it to other companies.  And it’s meaningful also that it goes to companies that have filters when we raise the money to them because some people don’t have clean water and we need clean water to survive.

Patrick T: What I learned is to like being careful, like drawing pictures for our cards.

Brett: One thing I leaned is when you’re selling the cards, you shouldn’t just say like, “Do you have any money on you?” or something like that.

Piper: What I learned is to not use so much water, and also to not throw trash around, because it can go into the clouds and it can rain down to the ground and it can go in the ocean.

Saul: what I learned, because we decided to have a booth and selling things, is to how to give change because we were going to sell things at the booth and we need to give change.

Fiona: What I leaned is like you’re not just saying, “Give me all your money”, like, “You have to give us donations”, it’s just like, “Would you like to buy a card pack?” or, “If you don’t have enough you can just make donations.”

Kirana: What I learned from this process was its busy when you’re getting things done.

Bayley: What I learned about the booth is you don’t just go like, “Aw- man we didn’t get a lot of people!” because you don’t really know if there’s gonna be more people.  Maybe you shouldn’t say that because then you’ll learn that you’ll get more people and you don’t have to say “Oh, that was not that much people”, so you can maybe be just not saying anything and you can get a lot of people.

Liam: So what I learned about the board game is if we just did it brushing it would rub all the glue away, but if you did clumps, it would work.

William: What I learned is that sometimes poems can actually help you because Why Be a Volunteer kind of inspired me because it’s like even though we didn’t get a reward, we’re just trying to help the people were trying. Look at us- did we get a reward?  No!  It was just- all it was is we were helping and we don’t need a reward really because we got a lot of money from the cards and we got money for the Waves For Water and SELF.

Owen: What we learned in the booth is you should make a title of how much money it is of the packs, then if there’s no sign,  then they won’t know how much money it cost, then they won’t buy it.

Landen:  I think that we researched a lot .

Veronica: What I learned is that when you make the card to have to listen to the feedback that you get.

Brianna: I learned that there’s like a lot of bad stuff in the ocean and like bad stuff in the sea.  The booth makes me feel good because, like, we’re sharing the things and then it makes the people want to know that that’s happening- that people are trying to give clean water and  that there’s a lot of trash in the ocean.  They might stop throwing trash because they know it’s happening.

Micah: You can’t waste so much energy, so you can have more electricity.

Patrick R: I learned how to plan a fundraising booth- you can make how your fundraising booth can be if you’re  goonna make one someday.

Rachel: I learned that if you accidently leave trash in the soil it can get down in the soil.   The research made me think to not put my empty water bottles near the soil.  The project kind of made me think about what I have done to the soil and water table.  And now I’m gonna stop putting trash near the soil.

Jack: What I’ve learned about pollution is now I know don’t litter because the wind can blow into the drain.  Now that we did this project, it helped other people know to look at nature so you can get outside and get some fresh air.    What I want them to do is don’t throw litter.

What steps did we take in this project?

Thank you to all you parents who are so dedicated to your children and their school!

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  1. I still can't believe how beautiful those cards turned out! Thank you to all of you!