Monday, April 6, 2015

A Special Day Before Spring Break!

Hello Families!

I feel so lucky to know such dedicated families who can make the time to work with us at school!  We finished off our Exhibition Week with two special moments: Experiment Friday and a beautiful yoga session with Tari.  I hope you enjoy the photos from that relaxing day.

Thank you to Marina, who researched, planned and supplied our three fun experiments.  Here are the links she sent me, if you would like to try them again at home:

Thank you to Seng and Katrin for coming to help out with running the experiments so gracefully.  And thank you to Tari for ending our week with such a beautiful and relaxing moment in the park.  Namaste! (The light in me honors the light in you.)

I'm looking forward to this final and fun session with your children. Katrin has some interesting field trip planned for us and there will be lots more to investigate and learn before summer. I can't believe it is already April.  Only three more months of songs and poems to share with you!  Crazy!

Have a great week, Jennifer

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  1. I love you jennifer. And I loved the pictures of the experiments. And loved the pictures of us all doing yoga. Love, veronica