Friday, March 20, 2015


Hello Families!

Our Tidepool Field Trip was so nice!  Thank you to all the families who came to support us to make it into small group experiences.  We were so lucky to have Dawn's expertise and planning to choose such a great day to go!

Dawn made up some color cards with the animals we might see, to help us learn the names and scientific family they are related with.  The kids were exhuberant finding animals, looking in crevices and taking care to step safely!

I hope you enjoy looking through these photos with your child and maybe even looking at a tide calendar to find a day to go out with your family!

Have a great weekend, Jennifer


  1. Love the pictures!! So sad I missed this one!! We will definitely be back as a family and katarina will be able to show me around!!

  2. Looks like you guys had a blast! Brianna was excited to share her experience. She said you guys saw a octopus? Didn't see it in the pictures, but have heard if tide is low enough you can get lucky and see them. Thanks for all the pictures, wish I could've been there

  3. Looks like a very fun field trip. Ryan was so exited to go on this field trip but unfortunately he didn't feel well enough that day. We will hopefully plan a family trip to this shore soon. Thanks for the lovely pictures.