Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Week Before Exhibition...

Hello Families!

Thank you so much for all your help, and for checking on me in how I am doing or what help I need!

So much to share, so little time.  Since I am trying my best to "do it all" on my own, I am going to do shorter/simplified blog posts this week and maybe next.  My time has been taken up being busy with awesome parents who come to get our cards made and our work matted and up- which I feel is a very lucky use of my time, as I don't know how I would get things done without your help!

These kids have so many great ideas!  I can't wait for them to share their research and work on Thursday night!  Very exciting.  Our research on sustaibility, pollution and conscientious types of energy has been interesting- I have learned a lot, right along with them.  I hope you enjoy supporting our causes and learning with us.

Here are the causes and also the beautiful card packs that the kids created to sell- all of the proceeds go to these organizations!

This week our math was related to our real world need for next week- 
manning our booth and giving change.

Here are the questions that different groups were asked to solve:

What change does the customer need...?
1 pack = $9
3 packs = $25

...If the customer is buying one pack and they have a twenty dollar bill.

...If the customer is buying two packs and they have a twenty dollar bill.

...If the customer is buying three packs and they have a twenty and a ten dollar bill.

...If the customer is buying three packs and they have two twenty dollar bills.

...If the customer is buying four packs and they have two twenty dollar bills.

...If the customer is buying six packs and they have three twenty dollar bills.

 We will be continuing to practice, and any work you can do at home would help!  We used comfortable mechanisms, like unifix cubes and ten frames so that the students could build their prior knowledge into it and realize they do know how to solve these questions, even though we have not worked as often with big bills!

I also did a page on this, which is attached to this week's email.  I hope you enjoy the photos, too!

We did not do spelling again this week-there have been issues in ST math with computers acting up, so the kids got back late again.  Please ask your child to find 5 or more that they would like to work on this week!

I hope you enjoyed the reflection pages- the booth planning journal entry was especially neat to see.  I hope you get to check out your child's journal this week! 

I hope you saw the last post on our Tidepooling Field Trip!  It was a beautiful day!

I will end with the lovely photos from our class park date last week.  It was nice to see so many families at the bay!  If you havn't been to Fanuel Park, I always recommend it!

Have a great night, Jennifer


  1. We are SO looking forward to Exhibition!!! The cards are amazing and we are excited to be able to man the booth!! Katarina has also volunteered to show Analee how to handle the money since she has been learning about it in class. It is great to see her so comfortable and confident in what she has been learning reagarding money and math!! Thank you!!!

  2. So exciting! Exhibition night will be a great end to the last week of school before spring break, and then you will get to unwind after all the hard work. I am looking forward to this Thursday night :)

  3. I love you jennifer I love the pictores of the class pladayt and I loved the pictures of all of us peracsting giving chang. Love, Veronica.

    We are a bit behind on reading the blog. But I love all that you guys do! Hope you had a great spring break. Jennifer