Friday, March 13, 2015

Getting Ready for Exhibition- working for our causes! (And other great stuff!)


The next few weeks will be exciting and crazy in a great way.  We are finishing up our work for exhibition and feeling so proud of our hard work and ideas.  I plan to work a lot on that and do as much as I can on the blog and reflection pages.  I will try to keep up!  A few of these pages are specifically for Exhibition Night, so you can decide if you want to wait for the big night, or have a "teaser".  :)

There are two reflection pages, but one is a long one that will be a two page type panel, so you will see the pieces read together.  Here is the background "sound" for the musical reflection page!

Here are some of the videos we listened to - to help with the discussion on the page I made.  I didn't play the entire video sound for them, so you might check through them before listening all together with your child and listen to the rock at your discretion!  ;)
Rock 'n' Roll

A Great Tidepooling Presentation by Dawn!

Dawn, Liam's mum, is our expert Tidepooler and she is leading our next field trip.  She came in this week to give us some background info and to stimulate the students to understand more about this special ecosystem.  She also talked about the types of adaptations the animals have to have to survive in the extreme conditions in a tidepool.  The kids are so excited!  Thank you, Dawn!

That morning we started the day off with a simple morning share to get into the excitement before Dawn came.  Here are the results!

Many of the same animals are quite popular!

This brings up some homework if you would like!  Research a new ocean animal that you didn't know much about.  Maybe our list of favourite ocean animals will change the more we watch about, learn about and write about new animals!

Our Fish Have Names!!!

Meet Peaches, Bullet and Thunder!

That was not an easy photo to capture, let me tell you!  I think Bullet and Thunder may have been really aptly named!

Today was really "Video Vendredi" (When I was in high school French class we had Video Fridays and today was that type of day!).  We looked at three videos today, each inspiring in different ways.  The two below are from the websites of the causes we have chosen (the second video is from  These brought up great questions and more things to research, for instance exactly how the solar powered pump works to bring up the water from the village well to the community garden.  I hope you can take a moment to watch these two with your child and discuss what their fundraiser plans mean to them!

Videos from the Causes that we chose

The third video was math and science inspired.  It also goes with the theme of their notecards which they are making for the fundraiser: The amazingness of nature.  Much of the math goes quickly and is something they are just getting their toes wet with (in robotics they are working with protractors and angles in the 360 degree circle) but it is fun to try out, all the same.  Many students wanted to try some of the drawings that she is doing, which mimic how precise nature is in order to best achieve a plant's needs!  I hope you enjoy the craziness of all of this...

Relax and Read
I just wanted to share the sweet moments I get to witness each day.  I took these a few weeks ago and then realized the other day that I didn't post them!  I hope you enjoy seeing your children so hard at work!

Spelling- We ran out of time this week, so if you can ask your child to choose 5 or more words to tackle, it would be helpful.  I am often hearing students comment at journaling times that they are using one of their spelling words!  It does work if you put in some time together at home!

Journal topics:
Animal adaptations and Tide pool info
Fix-it day- getting some recent entries finalized for Exhibition
Story prompt (see below images)

Coins and Time!
If your child is still working on counting by fives, tens, 25s, please help them!  You can also do this in the car by asking them to stop midway and change.  For instance tell them:  count by tens...  10, 20, 30, 40, Stop!  Now count by 5s: 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, Stop!  now count by ones...  If they are ready, throw in quarters, first.  (Counting by fives is also helpful for reading the clock, so please work to make sure that is solid!)  We are practicing organizing coins for efficiency, for instance pairing nickels so that you can continue to count by tens, or grouping pennies so that you can stay in tens or fives, to finish counting faster.  Here are some photos of them working.

Well!  That is a lot.  I hope I see many of you at the park tomorrow!  And if I don't, have a beautiful weekend!  Love, Jennifer

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