Friday, March 6, 2015

Class Photo, Place Value and Pollution!

Hello IA families!

I hope you have a lot of fun at the dance tonight!  It is so exciting to see so many families invovled in making it awesome.  I can't wait to hear all about it and have your children show me the great dance moves they picked up!  I am sorry I can't make it.

This week was a pretty nice one.  We are still working on how the class can control their behaviors when they are with other teachers or in other experiences.  I tried to have some new activities and formats to help with this.  I hope you enjoy the page I made about our Socratic Seminar yesterday.

As you can see above, everyone was here one day this week, so I was able to get a group shot!  Fun when we have that chance!

Let's see...

Math concepts:
We are working on money so that we will be more fluent to make change when we raise money for causes.  I offered two game experiences to practice, and both are easy to play at home.  The friends who played Trading Up were excited when they started to see the patterns in how you play!  Here are the links to the print outs for the games!

We also enjoyed looking into the stories behind the coins and who is on the coins.  History is always so interesting!

We also investigated place value a bit more to solidify new understanding about what numbers are represented.  In each group, the last slides were the ones they were especially excited to see- how the same numbers can become such different meanings, depending upon where they are placed in the number.
Group 1

Group 2
This group came up with a little visual (at the end of this group of photos) that was funny.

I drew their idea in the chairs- the four has a beard because he is in his hundreds, and teh 2 has  pacifier because they are only 2. ;)  (though I think that could have been drawn much more clearly!!!)

Robotics worked with angles this week!  They were excited to try to program specific angles into the robots to be able to draw more dynamic shapes.  I hope they can explain this more for you!


We have chosen the two causes we will raise money for!  The class decided upon clean water and energy for a village.  This will be through different organizations, so it won't be the same villiage, I think.  I am excited for them, becuase they are so excited about this work.

This week we looked at what causes our water to become polluted or undrinkable.  We read from various websites and looked at some diagrams from the internet.  Here were a few that were especially interesting.  What do you notice as a family?

One thing we have to figure out is how to use this information to empower change, vs just getting mad or being rightous or judgmental about the situation.  There were images of unclean beaches, and the island of trash in the ocean, and the kids and you will have to work together to set the tone so that our frustration or disgust doesn't debilitate our ability to work towards making meaningful steps.  We will continue to explore this!

This month's poems have brought up many different discussions which have been fun.  One of the pages for this week is about the punctuation discussions.  We also noticed that there is an elf in yourself!  ;)  (As well as in shelf and myself...)  There is a post below this that shows this month's songs and poems!


Journal Topics:
What can we do to help prevent water pollution?  &/OR What are the ways the water gets polluted?
Coins: writing about the research, historical stories, and info we have learned about US coins, mints and using coins.

Alright.  There is always so much to share because the kids are so interested!  Have a really fun night!  Love, Jennifer


  1. It was a VERY FUN WEEK!And so fun working together ! LOVE PIPER.

  2. I love you jennifer and I liked the pictures of the water and the garbage and the picture of the class.