Friday, February 27, 2015

Decisions, Sustainability And A Derby!

Hello Everyone!

This week has been nice, after all.  With all the things going on for me (migrane, back issues, new people in our class), I imagine it could have been so much worse.  But today was a nice way to reconnect and we have gotten a lot done this week, even with change.  I will give you a run-down on the many cool moments we had this week!

We honed our project cause decision down by one, so that now we are deciding between sending school supplies, supporting clean water or funding solar power for a village. Next week we will hone this down to the two we will support. (Thanks to Gaby for taking these shots when she came in to help me for a second!)

I had an interesting day in my teacher training and I took photos of our tour to share with the students.  I learned a lot about sustainability and elements to think about with our power usage.  I would recommend, if you are in the Clairemont area, to stop into their parkinglot some day you have an extra few moments at SDG&E’s Energy Innovation Center (4760 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92117).  There are signs to explain the parking lot's design, as well as the building's roof.  The cool part, for  me, was seeing the sun tracking solar panels which slowly move their position throughout the day, to best maximize their output.  There is also a cool light post that has wraparound solar paneling, which is made from this new material that they are now making roof tiles out of!  Here are some photos of my tour, which I shared with the students.  (I also made a page on how this inspired the kids!)

This week we also discussed the Positive Discipline story of Charlie, as the class is still learning the power of their words and actions.  I hope adding this image will help remind your child to share their experience with this story and how it impacted them.

This week Patrick T gave us a presentation about his Boys Scouts' Pinewood Derby!  Here are some of the photos he shared of the event.

The others were pretty interested in the event, the car Patrick and his father made and also the Boyscouts, in general!

These are the weights- the kids were interested in the fact that you get your car weighted and how this creates no unfair advantage...

Please ask your child about their bookmark design they are making with two words that sound the same, but are spelled differently!  These are in process right now, but are very creative!  I wrote a page on this, too!

Journal topics:
The meaning behind our Februrary poems
Solar power questions (see the reflection page on this)
Planting possibilities

Math concepts:
We brushed up on doubles and continued to practice subtraction and the written equation style.  We also did some time-telling practice.  Next month we will brush up on our money handling skills to get ready for our fundraiser, as we will be taking change and handling cash!

I kept many of the high frequency words on the spelling list this week. Also, we have been talking about choosing your challenge, and many students decided to pick more than what I usually ask them.  They are upping their agreement to themselves!  I noticed that many students felt the reward of being able to spell correctly a word they have been working on.  Their journal entries are showing this!

We also saw the third grade's Wizzard of Oz inspired musical.  It was another fun moment in the week!

Enjoy your weekend!  Love, Jennifer


  1. This morning we went to Broken Yolk café. Brianna recognized the giant fan from the picture you shared of the SDGE innovation center. Broken Yolk in Carmel Mountain has the same one. Brianna was amazed at its size the how it almost looked like "plane propellers"

  2. OH well also saw a library in Fallbrook that had its ENTIRE roof as a garden! We discussed how this helps keep the building cool without the overuse of air conditioning.

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  4. We discussed the picture of Charlie. It really was perfect for Brianna since she struggles with what others think or say about her.

    "no one was nice at his school so he moved here (at my school), and so he was getting wrinkled, (when people said you can't play with us....your not allowed her), he feels bad." -Bri
    (I asked what does it mean "he was getting wrinkled?") "When someone said something mean to him he would be stuck with the bad things or he could choose to stop."-Bri
    (stop what?) "Keeping the bad things that happen to him." -Bri
    We discussed how we don't have to believe what people say about us, we can let it go and not let the words of others define us.

  5. Thanks for sharing pictures from your teacher training. in an effort to reduce energy consumption at our house, we replaced our thermostat with SDG&E's ecobee thermostat and signed up for their "Reduce Your Use" program ( it is an easy, fun and modern way of saving energy :)
    Have a great week!

  6. Ethan has been talking about homonyms and seems very interested in this concept. Thanks for teaching it in a compelling way! Excited that they will be handling money, something Ethan is very interested in :).

  7. I lov you jenifer and I like the pecters uv the plae and the pictuers uv pakerik t's car and the pictuers uv the sler panls and the pictuers uv the moving slerpanls and the pictuers uv choerly and the wun that hy wus ceringcld.(veronica)

  8. Veronica loves leaving comments on the blog now! She is typing them herself. (That is probably apparent!) She definitely liked hearing about your training because she was explaining what all the photos were about! Thanks for hanging in there even though you were not feeling well. Jennifer Ott-Rol