Friday, February 6, 2015

February Songs and Poems

Hello Families!

The students seem to already have their favourites after one week of having our new songs and poems.  The one about digging a hole is a funny one!  I chose the song to go with the Jazz music theme.  We will have an expert come to our class next week to talk to us more about Jazz music, the instruments and the history around it.  I can't wait!

I also wanted to point out that the middle and right ones have special messages that are going along with many class disussions we have had today.  It was beautifully apropos that the discussion that is documented on the Caring Week Reflection Page was showing how friends feel about wanting too much, and then today we noticed that The Bare Necessities has this same very theme in it.  Coincidence?

I hope you enjoy sharing these with your child and maybe as they begin chanting them more confidently throughout the month, you will develop your own favourite.

Have a beautiful weekend, Jennifer

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  1. I shared the Kalli Dakos poem with my teacher this week. She was as moved by it as I was :) thank you for introducing it to our family!