Friday, February 6, 2015

Exciting Book Series, Story Problems and Caring Week Plans... and so much more!

Hello Families!

There is so much to share!  I hope you enjoy this, as this was an exciting week to plan next week's exciting week!  Yay!  Thank you to all the families who are signing up to join us and help out!

Language Arts-
We looked up the author of The Enchanted Wood, Enid Blyton.  We learned about when she was born, when she wrote the book and where she grew up.  We had been guessing, from the languaging and some other clues, that this book was written and takes place in another century and in England.  (Please see the reflecttion page I made for this, too!)

I also put some new books on the class wish list, which are series the kids are intersted in, but we only have one of, or we don't have all the books in the series.  As usual, lightly used is great, or new, which ever work for you.  If you are interested in making a gift for the class, check here:

Seng, Patrick T's mum also let me know about a cool sale that is happening in town today and tomorrow for books! If your family is interested in adding to your family library, here is the info:

I made a mistake, as I do, so if your child has the word concentrate on their page wrong, it is because I had it wrong on the board!  Sorry for the confusion!  I seem to muddle all the languages in my life at times!
Many students wrote new story problems and these have re-inspired others!  Here are a few.  I love the creativity and seeing what each student thinks up!

This was a great discovery in class that if you are using tally marks you have to be precise!  So tricky with such larger quantities!  Patrick was inspired to have this discussion at home with his mum, too!
 Many friends are trying to utilize grouping symbolism instead of haivng to draw all of each quantity.  For instance having a symbol (circle, star, box) to represent 10 so that the quantity is represented and they can solve the work clearly on the page.  Here is an example.

Math Talks-
We talked a bit about how adding a story or a concrete undestanding to the numbers can help what may seem like an overwhelming problem come to life.  These creative kids!!!  I hope you enjoy the stories they came up with for these fraction sentences.  It really helped some kids see the math coming to life to hear a peer explain the fractions in this way.

Lightning- this is so interesting!  We saw how it is made and how it has a lot of power, but cannot sustain that amount for long, as the kind of electricity we use for machines can.  Some friends were inspired to paint about this topic, too.  The inspirational images also answered one of the student's question: Does lightning go from cloud to cloud, or only down to the ground?

Different types of electricity- we used the internet to research and read and see how others have organized the information in diagrams and slides.  Here are a few we looked at.

We also saw it on the yard!


Ryan's family was gracious enough to research a great place to get fish for our classroom and this week they arrived!  It has been pretty exciting- they are three guppies, each with their own markings.

Now that they have remained alive for a week, we are taking ideas for fish names!  Here are some...

Ecosystems-  The fish tank has led us to discuss the many factors of what makes these fish be able to stay alive.  We journaled about this topic, after looking at what ecosystems are and many clear and interesting diagrams.  The class also saw that the concept of a food chain is very connected to how an ecosystem stays in balance.  We thought this is similar to how a family has to run- with balance.  I am writing a page to send out next week, so stay tuned!  This was one of our journal entries this week!

Caring Week!
How exciting, right?  The students came up with so many fun ideas, and I especially appreciate that they also thought of the school and of others, besides their closest friends.  The class planned the activities and decided what materials we need to request and also what food they might want on the party day.  We usually balance the sweet with the energy foods, and below you will see their ideas, and how burritos, quesadillas and salad were pretty close in the vote!  Yum!

I hope you can take a moment to read my weekly email and see how you might join us- there are many possibilities in the week.  We especially need manpower for Tuesdays' friendship bracelet making and for Thursday's Reading Party

Presenting Home Learning!!!

Weeks ago, William used some days of his Open Choice time to write questions to his mum about Yosemite. 
(Flashback- to weeks ago...)

  When he got home, he realized that our assumption that Cate had been there was unfounded.  So, the two turned it into a family research project!  

(Fast forward to this week...) William shared the info he learned in a presentation style.  He had to do this over two separate days, since he had done so much research! 

I wanted to put this info on the blog to remind you and your child that this is valuable work!  I know you and your children are creating, reading, writing, researching, building, learning... together at home.  Any time your child would like to present their home learning with the class, we would love it, as it is so inspirational for us all!

Next week: Liam will present about his research and experiences in the many ecosystems of Hawaii (where he was last week!)

Thank you for sharing your beautiful, imaginative, funny, thoughful, amazing students with me.
I hope you enjoy your weekend!  Love, Jennifer


  1. ***Correction- William presented about Yellowstone National Park-
    I wrote the wrong park!

    (I cannot edit the blog post from my ipad) Thank you to Cate for catching that!

  2. Brett has been really interested in the Enid Blyton books. It's neat to see him be persistent in our research at the library (which doesn't actually have the right one). We finally ordered from a used bookstore online. I also purchased these for the classroom:
    Cities Then & Now
    Then & Now: As They Were in Their Days of Glory
    Magic Faraway Tree
    The Folk of Faraway Tree

  3. i love you jennifer. I like the pishers uf piper going down the slide. (As typed by Veronica.)