Sunday, February 15, 2015

Caring Week! (So many acts of kindness to share!)

Hello Families!

Thank you for making this week so beautiful- it was very helpful and fun to have so many families involved.  Whether you brought in supplies or food, or donated your time to help out, we loved it all!

The Valentines Bags
These came out so personal!  Each one was so cool.  I could tell that the kids were excited to try to make the bag reflect the friend who they were making it for.


Friendship bracelets
The kids really planned a lovely time this week, full of giving to others.  They worked pretty hard on the friendship bracelets and made sure they reflected colours and patterns the recipient would like.


Subtraction trick!  The class looked closer at a trick that came up last week.  Then we broke into groups to practice and see how interchangable the quantities can be.

Trash Pick-up!

William's mum, Cate, suggested that we do this every month, and I think that would be great!  I will keep you posted.  I love that the students wanted to include this in the week full of caring!  They were especially interested in making sure the front walk of school was clean, too.

We were pretty lucky to have two great presentations this week!  Liam and his family went to Maui this month and he and his mum shared a lot about the ecosystems, animals, and plants of the island.  It was really neat to see how much Liam knew from his experience and because of this, there were many great scientific terms that he shared!

Our second presentation was by the docent sent to us from Classics For Kids!  We will be researching more about jazz, famous composers and the instruments involved.

Decorating for the school!

We got a lot of feedback that our efforts made the school look special.  And, the poster stayed up without issues overnight!  That was a feat!  Thanks to all the families who came and had a hand in getting that to stay up!

Notice a theme here?  :)

The party!
We were able to read more books to be able to sort our library more effectively.  Plus, the other activities and snack were fun and calm, which was one of their goals- to give themselves a calm, relazing, caring moment.  Thanks to all the families who joined in the reading- it was really helpful and fun to have you!

February Intentions

I realized the students had said they would like to do this each month, but the month has already flown by!  Here they are- we might have to use a thesaurus next time!

Do all of these great acts this week inspire you or your family in any way?

Have a great President's Day!  Love, Jennifer


  1. Thank you Jennifer. You're the best!!We are excited about the field trip.

  2. Was fun having Katarina show me the math trick! She was a great teacher! Looking forward to the feild trip as well and thank you again for such a meaningful week!!

  3. I love you Jennifer. I liked the pictures of the party and the trash pickup and the class picture. Love, Veronica