Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January Songs and Poems!

Happy New Year!  I chose these poems to go with the new year and with some of the new items in our classroom.  Also, January is a time to reconnect with, and even, to make new friends, so I thought maybe Dear Prudence, was in order.

I hope you get a chance to have your child show you around the room and the new provocations and cool things we are doing!

Have a great month, Jennifer


  1. Veronica: I love the poems and I love you and I love the first poems of the year. I love the poems because they are really nice. Jennifer: We listened to Dear Prudence on YouTube. I love the songs in the songs and poems each month. :-)

  2. We opened up youtube too! Brianna and I sang the song together using your photo to follow the lyrics. Thanks for sharing with us.