Friday, January 23, 2015

Hello Families!

This week flew by!  I can't believe it.  There are always great discussions to be had and fun learning to engage in.  We also welcome Fiona and her family into our class!  Next week we will get a new student named Landon, but, as your child will tell you, if they were in my class last year, it's not Rachel's cousin!

I hope you enjoyed the page on the students' sea glass theories.  I hope you can take some time to look up the beach up north.  I may want to include it in our summer road trip tour...,_California)

Has anyone in your family ever visited Glass Beach?

Math Talks:

We also revisited the ten frame with the lense of fractions this week.  The students were realizing we can look at that as a whole, and the colours as parts of a whole.  They were enjoying making up stories (involving candy and cookies, of course!) that involved the different fractions we noticed.  I reminded the kids that we have the story problem binder and now a bunch of them are working on stories that involve fractions!

What fraction story have you seen with your family, lately?

Open Choice Interests:
Story Problems
Specialty quarters
Story writing
Shell classification
Places we have been to and want to go to in the US
Sea Glass Theories
Story Problems

Here are some photos that will hopefully help your child share more...

Do you have any interesting quarters to add to our collection?

Spelling Words!

We are noticing pattern groups and finding words that work together.  Also, our list of words that sound the same, but have different meanings is growing.  We almost have enough for each student to create an illustration to go with it.

Lantuage Arts:
We also began our thank you cards to important people who helped us in 2014 (our interviewees from other countries and our author who visited).  More on this soon!

Experiment Friday!

This week's experiment was planned by George and it was about pixelation.  He shared how the sensor in cameras work and also did an activity where the students helped to complete 25 pages with squares that worked together to make an image!  

Showing how a lense and light can make an image on paper!

After the careful work of following a grid, we got to see what the pixels created!

Since George also printed a small version for each student, I hope your child shared with you about this cool project!  Thank you to Marina (Abigail's mum), Myriah (Lucy's mum), Katrin (Katarina's mum), Cate and George (William's parents) for sharing their time today.

Also to Jennifer (Veronica's mum) and Katrin (Katarina's mum) who volunteered in class on Thursday and Wednesday!

Have a great weekend!  Love, Jennifer


  1. This week Ryan was very excited about the robotics (he said Emma knows it all about robotics :), and the pixellation project. We have Mr. Einstein up on the living room's wall so that we can look at the picture from a far.

  2. Veronica: I love you Jennifer and I like the blog because the experiment was fun! Jennifer: I love the experiments that parents have been doing! So cool!