Sunday, December 21, 2014

What a Special Exhibition Week!

Hello Families!

Thank you so much to Katrin, Aaron, June, Dawn, Petra, Seng, Emma and Bayley's grandmother for all the help with getting the work prepared and displayed for Exhibition!  I really appreciated having people jump in and take the time to make this night happen.  It takes a village!  A special shout out to Katrin who was with me three days in a row and who did so much of the prep work!  I couldn't have done it all without you families!

Thank you to the families far and wide from our 9 countries for responding with such rich answers, which really did help us learn a lot!  Also, thank you to the families who brought in artifacts, which made the room so vivid and helped us connect with what we have learned about the countries.

Here are some moments from this big week...

What have we learned in 2015?
The class used this as a prompt for one of our morning shares this week.  They are so great a brainstorming, among so many things!

The pattern game was a hit, and looked so pretty.  Here are the images of the students creating it.  They were thougthful in their placement and many explained their reasoning, too- thinking about colour, patterns, balance and making sure the countries' patterns weren't clustered.

Here are a few shots of us practicing for the Songs and Poems Presentation. They did so well on Exhibition Night!  They amaze me.  So many of them memorize the poems so fast, and others are strong in understanding the rhythm and this comes togehther to help everyone learn them and be able to keep the beat and make it meaningful.  I hope you enjoyed hearing their reflections, as I always do. They amaze me with their ideas and interpretations of  liturature and life!

Our class is getting pretty confident about giving presentations.  Most of the friends got up and were able to do their poster presentation about their interviewee in a relaxed manner.  It was nice to see each student's work and how different each poster came out.  Lots of hard work!

And then there was Exhibition Night... See the other post I made about this...

Friday was a sweet last day!  We looked at two things I have been excited to share with the kids- one is the clip of my favourite musical, which has "Pick Yourself Up" in it.  I gave the background of this moment (how he was pretending he couldn't dance so he could meet her, and then this backfires-as rash decisions sometimes do- and he has to prove that he actually really can dance, in the second clip).  This was the version of the song that I knew growing up, but we had fun with Frank Sinatra's version this month, as we learned this song together.

And the amazing dance that gets her job back...

The second piece of internet research was to look up how frost is made and to look at images of this special phenomena, which is highlighted in the poem, Frost, which we learned this month.  The kids were pretty amazed, and really thought the poem was apropos.

Here are a few images I found on the internet...

Next we went to a play given by the junior high students...

Next we partied!  I put out the games that the students have created this year and last year, and also a new one I bought recently.  Many of you may know that I have been taking some herbalsm courses, and this game was created by the people from Learning Herbs.  I love that it is such a cooperative game, while also learning a little about the healing benefits of plants that have been used for centuries.  This links with the Herb Faries story series, too, which I hope to get the next time it is available again (they offer it in limited runs...).  

I sent home a little bingo game I made up- if you would like to do some of the items on the game.  It is just some ideas of things the students can do with you at home- when they are not doing the other important things you have planned for this break.  Please feel free to ask your child to bring in the things they did, when they return in 2015, so that they can share them with the class!

I hope you have a beautiful vacation!  Love, Jennifer

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  1. Veronica: I love you Jennifer because you made the blog long and nice. And I like the blob because you made everything we did on pajama day and the pictures of the play.