Sunday, December 21, 2014

Exhibition Night Fall 2014!

Happy Vacation, families!

Exhibition Night was a sweet time to connect and discuss the amazing information we investigated about these 9 countries.  The poster designs the students created were so special.  I think their photos came out beautifully!  Thank you to all the parents who helped to make this night special.

It may have been a little less noticable, so I hope you take time in 2015 to check out the journal entries that the students created about the countries we researched.  (This is what they look like, if you are looking for them!)  And the rest of the work on display looked so special.  I thought I would post them here for family far and wide.

Thank you for making the night so special!  I hope it inspires further research and interest in learning more about others.

...And here are the fabulous Brave Artistic Researchers!

Aren't they amazing at so many things?

Enjoy your winter break!  Happy New Year!
Love to you, Jennifer


  1. I love this suchel that I wanted to sty in it forever but I can't I have to go to ferst grad.Happy new year! (Typed by Ryan).

  2. Veronica: I love your blog because they are nice and showing what we really are like and what we feel and what you like about us. And it shows it's really us, and we have nice pictures for people to take and choosing what we would like or what we would not like. I love you Jennifer.
    Jennifer: Thank you for the detailed blog posts and all the pictures!