Friday, December 12, 2014

A Glass Studio, A Jog-A-Thon and Traveling to 9 countries!

Hello Families!

This was an exciting week!  We were able to "go to" 9 countries because of our family interviewees and their photos and answers.  I learned a lot and the students were intrigued by so much!

Here are the 9 countries which we received interview responses for!
Austria, Australia, Laos, Israel, Iran, Japan, Ukraine, Canada and Indonesia

Highlights were the differences our questions brought out for the kids who realized that life can be different in other places.  The students were excited to see the different electrical outlet plugs and to find that our electric volts can be subtly or totally different.  Also the walking or city lifestyle of doing your groceries each day and realizing how your transportation style effects these choices.  The questiosn the students asked really brought up a lot.  They did a well-thoughtout job on these!

We are now thinking about similarities and differences that we noticed in all of the answers.  For instance rice is important in many countries!  I wonder what your child has been sharing at home.  It always intrigues me to find out what each student is most interested in or remembers strongly.
Here are a few photos from the 9 countries, as a sneak peek into next Thursday!  I wonder if you can remember which country they were from...

We were also able to go to a glass blowing studio.  Thank you to our drivers, Cate, Ali, June, Brenda, Dawn, Myriah, Petra and Marina for driving the kids!

Some words that weren't on the page I did on the glass studio:

Veronica: What I noticed is that if you put the wood on the glass, it will make it flat.
Katarina: What I did not know about glass, when it’s the liquid is you have to blow in order for it to get bigger and bigger.
Lucy: What I notice about the glass is that I didn’t know that the liquid glass is stronger than when it gets solid.
Rachel: I didn’t know that glass could be liquid, when you first start making glass, then it’s really liquid-y.
Saul: I never know how to make glass so when we went on the field trip then I learned how.
Micah: What I learned about the field trip is to make it like, bigger, they use a tool and then it makes the glass even bigger.
Ryan: I noticed that they have to blow from the red small pipe but they can’t blow without any pipes.
William: What I learned on the field trip is that if they leave the stick with the glass on it out too much, it will explode, but it they keep getting it in and getting it out of the oven, it won’t explode.
Patrick T: What I noticed on the field trip is they have to keep the glass that they make really hot because so they can make it bigger, so it won’t be solid before they could make it bigger.
Patrick R: What I noticed is that they putted the glass on a table with sand.

I am going to make this a shorter post because next week you will see all their hard work at Exhibition.  I am excited.  They worked so thoughtfully on their posters and I am taking down their thoughts on interviews and I am seeing how much they see the power of interviewing others.  Lovely!

Here is a glimpse into the jog-a-thon.  Thank you to all the families who donated!  So exciting.  If you have not brought your money in yet, then please do so next week.  What a great start.  Many of the students thought it was fun and might want to practice a bit more so that they will feel up to more laps next year!

Here are some more photos to share with you since I am off to the Gala and Nutcracker performance and fun festivities this weekend.

Love, Jennifer

The end of my Kindergarten year.

Joking around with the girls- we basically grew up together!

In Idaho for an annual regional festival, which took place in different states each year.

Another company gala event, long, long ago.  This weekend many of us will be back together!
Can you tell the decade- from our clothes?

Mr and Mrs Hanlin taught us so much about life- sharing their passion and love of dance and music with us.  
This one is from their retirement party in the studio.

(Years earlier...)You can see Mrs Hanlin (covering her ears on the left) in this dress rehearsal, ready to help me with my first try at igniting the cannon prop.

  Ready and waiting backstage

Chinese and Bon-Bon, on stage before a performance.

Flower corps- I think this was a dress rehearsal when many girls forgot their big bow sash or headpiece and we had to get our "acts togther" for the real thing!

Maybe it was a bit too much joking around back stage in between performances? ;)

 Snow corps

That moment when the snow is falling at the end of the first act- I look so happy because I really was!  


  1. Veronica: "I found some pictures with you in it. And I love you Jennifer."

  2. These pictures are fabulous, thank you very much for sharing them with us, I know how special they must be to you. We also enjoyed seeing the pictures from other countries; exhibition night will be so much fun!