Friday, November 7, 2014

Lots of Fun in a Mellow Week!

Hello Families of the Brave Artistic Researchers!
This week was much more mellow, but still had many exciting moments.

New Songs and Poems
It's November, which means we have new songs and poems.  Please check the index feature on the left to find the November songs and poems photo.  This week we looked at the video from Sesame Street, in the '70s, to see the original version of "We All Sing With The Same Voice".  The students noticed the video quality back then, as well as the fashion and hairstyles!  A little moment in history, which I remember well!  I have a page I am working on about the students' first impressions of this song and it's message.  Stay tuned for that, next week!  Here's the video:

Did you see a theme with the poems?  This leads me to the next topic... (except that one poem is actually NOT about that topic, though your first impression may be that it is...)

In preparation for our next trip, we have been investigating insects and arachnids.  Here are some cool websites we explored, and which many students wanted to look at further on the weekend, or maybe even on their day off, next week:

Also, we found this cool poster that we might want to order...

We also found that there are cool pages for most natural preserves, sharing the specific animals and insects that that region has.  The students were talking abotu how they have been hiking in some of the ones we found, and we talked about doing the research of the places you have hiked as a family.  Here is one example:

Math Talks
Please see our refleciton page from this week to hear more about the students' ideas about the new tool we are using: The Rekenrek.

***Please make sure to read the reflection this week about Our Unseen Connections, as it is an important one for you to know about!  (It will help you understand this photo...)

Getting To Know Emma
(And combining our interest in interviews!)
This week I wanted to help the students get to know Emma better, and to honor the hard work she is doing, to fit into an establish system of people who know each other.  The students made these two lists as a surprise for Emma, and then the next day, she answered our interview questions.  Because we gave her our questions in advance, which many reporters do for a planned interview, she decided to bring in some artifacts that are important to her.  We learned a lot about her, and I personally found out she and I have many things in common.  I hope the questions will help you share some of the things we found out about Emma (for instance that her favourite kind of dancing is to dance like an old man- that was one of my favourite answers that she gave!  ;)

First Grade Spelling Wall
Has your child discovered any new memorization strategies?

Game Day Topics:
I use the fun and excitement of game day to give students experiences in small groups, but to ensure the class has some shared experiences or skill building activities.  This week our topics were:

Sumi-e painting- Trees, branches and bamboo

A new game: Double it!

Drawing How-It-Works Diagrams
(from the learning we are doing in Lego Physics)

Journaling about Wishes and Problems to be solved in our social interactions on the yard

And finally...  Last, but not least...  Experiment Friday!
Rachel's mum and dad, Brenda and Rick, shared an exploration of sound and tools like microphones, guitars (both acoustic and electric) and a theremin.  I imagine your children being excited to share all we learned about vibration, magnets and types of sound.  Thank you to our experts for taking their time to give us this interesting and fun moment!

I keep thinking I will try to have less images, so it is not crazy to scroll through, but it just is hard not to share their excitment, concentration and great work!  Have a lovely weekend, Jennifer


  1. I love love love the guitar experiment! So interesting and unexpected! Thank you, Brenda and Rick, for doing it!

  2. Veronica says, "I am excited to see you tomorrow, and I loved the sound experiment."

  3. When Clare came home from school with yarn on her wrist and I asked her about it she said it was just something they did in school. It's awesome that I can visit this blog and see what a special moment it was. Wishing I could be on the field trip, have fun everyone.

  4. Thank you all for writing! I really appreciate hearing what catches your imagination, and what your children share! Love, Jennifer