Friday, November 14, 2014

An Informative Field Trip To The Museum

Hello Families!

Just thought I would make a separate blog entry on our field trip.  We had a beautiful time!  The activities that the teacher, Cindy, created were informative and interactive.  Each parent driver worked in one of the stations so that we could learn as much as possible.Thank you to all of our drivers for helping out!

The overarching word for the day was Arthropods!  We learned about and researched the sensory abilites, the body types, and the life cycles of the differnt families in the arthropod group.  Did you know that the roly poly is in the same family as lobsters?  So much to learn and research.

I noticed that now that we are back from this trip, the students are still really interested in learning more about bugs and other creatures.  Today, Clare brought in her family's new pet,named Pepper, which is a type of cockroach that will grow to be as big as her hand!

I hope you enjoy looking through these photos with your child, and maybe this inspires new research to be done as a family.  (I know many students may now be bugging you to go see the King Tut exhibit, since our trip did not include this exciting exhibition)

Have a lovely day, Jennifer

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  1. This was such a great field trip. I am so glad Ken and I were able to attend. Ken and I both learned new things as well. Brianna said her favorite part was "the stations, because we got to investigate bugs and learned new things that we didn't know."