Friday, October 31, 2014

Meet The Monsters! (And other stormy characters...)

Hello- I had to share a bit more...

If you want to read about what these monsters' names are, and what types of monsters (and one human!) your children have dreamt up, please come on in to class!

These kids are so creative and talented.  This week we discussed the drawing and colouring techniques we knew and worked in partnerships in the colouring phase to help everyone try their best!

Happy Halloween!  Love, Jennifer

Here is some homework, if you would like it...  Can you identify the fish that these students were referencing when they drew their detailed drawings for the Scary Magical Fishing Pool Game?

Hopefully a storm is coming our way soon?  

Have a happy, stormy, monster-filled weekend!


  1. "I love the blog, I love the pictures, I love the monsters, and I love seeing pictures of me." Veronica :-)

    Such a super busy week! I don't know how you do it, Jennifer! Thanks for all your hard work with the kids. Jennifer (Veronica's mom)

  2. What an amazing work done by everyone!
    Thank you Jennifer for all your hard work behind the scene to make it all happen!