Sunday, October 12, 2014

Goodbyes, patterns, class name and more!

Hello Everyone!

Another lovely week.  We had some great memories and some sad moments with our goodbyes.  Sending lots of love out to Mikey and Teacher Brianna and their families!  I am going to post a bit less, this week, since I am working on the weekend.  I hope this jump starts your child to share more!

Subtraction Game-
This is an easy game to make, one that can be played as both Make Ten, Take Ten, or Make Twenty, Take Twenty.  We are practicing this to help stimulate memory with quantities and how they are connected to each other.  Also, friends are practicing the correct way to write out an equation.

Math games a a great option to add to your family game nights.  Skill practice while having fun!

The class created mandalas or mosaics with natural materials to explore various types of patterns.  You may notice AB, ABB, AAB, and Abigail created one that was A, BB, CCC.  I wonder if you can see all the variations, and the different patterns that can be found in each person's work.  I noticed that some students also liked creating patterns inside of patterns, for instance, an AB pattern with the B as a button, whose colour changes to form another pattern.  How would you write that one out?  On Monday the students created, and on Friday the students labeled their printouts so that they could show their learning!  You will soon find their patterns in their portfolios, thanks to Myriah, Lucy's mum!

Class Name-
We have done lots of leg-work for this process, you can see below the types of brainstorms we have had (in the last few weeks) to find meaningful words that might epitomize the group this year.

 From these words, the class began to notice similar trends, and then we made this list:
From this list, the group began putting possible names together.  We are looking at how to incorporate a combination of words to show more than one element of who we are, for instance, not just serious words, but using the words to show how multifaceted we are and wish to become.
What combination seems appropriate for you?  Why?

Halloween Party Ideas and Planning Steps-
We began the steps to create our first class party.  This is great work, where the students learn a lot about coordination, delegation, teamwork, time management and have fun!  This week we brianstormed possible Themes and activities.  Once we choose a theme everyone is comfortable with, we can decide on the do-able activities that interest most of the group, and then think of how to tie in the food and decorations we ask for help on.  I am personally excited to see what games they create, as this is always a special part of the process.  Next week will be a short week, so we may not work a lot on this, but will probably hone in on our plans, and may even identify which committees to create in order to get the work done.  Which of these ideas sounds fun to you?  Which might you explore at home to make your own holiday fun?

This week we said goodbye to Mikey and Brianna.  I created a reflection page about this.  The students made such beautiful messages this week!  It was emotional, but very sweet!

Beautiful, carefully created cards!

Well, I want to get this published, so I will stop there.  Please make sure to take a moment each week for your child to tour the work that is going on at Open Choice, as well as to look into their Portfoios and journals!  Looking forward to having you here for Student Lead Conferences this week!

Have a great day, Jennifer


  1. Veronica likes the class name: Loving Brave Helpers because it sounds nice together. "I like your blog, I love you Jennifer!" Sounds like you are up to some great work together! Jennifer

  2. I love how your "Curious, Artistic, Loving Thinkers" (or whatever name they end up to choose!) are evoloving.
    Thank you for sharing these easy to miss moments with us!