Friday, October 31, 2014

Meet The Monsters! (And other stormy characters...)

Hello- I had to share a bit more...

If you want to read about what these monsters' names are, and what types of monsters (and one human!) your children have dreamt up, please come on in to class!

These kids are so creative and talented.  This week we discussed the drawing and colouring techniques we knew and worked in partnerships in the colouring phase to help everyone try their best!

Happy Halloween!  Love, Jennifer

Here is some homework, if you would like it...  Can you identify the fish that these students were referencing when they drew their detailed drawings for the Scary Magical Fishing Pool Game?

Hopefully a storm is coming our way soon?  

Have a happy, stormy, monster-filled weekend!

Happy Halloween! What a big week!

Hello Families!

What a big week!  So many exciting memories!  I don't know how I could even show you all the images from this week here!  Please know that most times, if you come early or stay a little after school, I can set up the computer with a slide show of the photos from a particular day or event.  Please ask if you want to pop in to see more photos!

Let's see...

The Estimation Jar!  After many students took the time to get to an estimation that was educated rather than a guess (by showing themselves how big or small their initial guesses were) we counted how many Baja shells were in the jar.  We decided to group them by fives so that we could expedite the counting.  We had a remainder of one that was not in a five bundle...

Math Talks:  More interesting ways to put these numbers together!

Journal Topics:
The field trip- What did you see or what was especially memorable on the trip?
Party Planning- What ways did you contribute to the party?

Our Library Field Trip!

I hope your child has already shared their highlights, but if not, hopefully this will help them to.  My highlight was seeing the high-tech conveyor belt that is in the back sorting room.  Also, it was an amazing view from the ninth floor, where we had lunch!

The librarian gave us a special comment- she noticed the students' journals and commented about what great writers we are and that we had some really thoughful questions to ask during the question portion of the field trip.  The students are amazing and truely do want to learn more and more.  They were a very respectful group, and that moment really showed off their abilties!

The Stormy Monster Party!!!

This week was full of learning moments as working together, compromising, planning and following through with agreements are all tricky skills for the best of us humans!  The party planning is such a place where we practice these skills with a real world outcome in mind.  There were moments when we were unsure if a few components would come together, but throughout the time together there was the overall feeling of people offering to help with anything.

The committe board reflects those who wanted to work with a certain committee, but they also saw how time consuming some work was, and so not everyone who wanted to be a part of more than one ended up working on other committees.  But everyone did end up helping with monsters for the various games, as well as with the many needs of the decoration committee and in stringing the story books.  Next week we will look at what we learned from such a special and rewarding week to plan this very exciting party!

Thank you to all the families who made this week a success!  Thanks to everyone who planned or came on the field trip, who helped with the party preparations, and who came in to the party to keep it running and make it so special!  What a beautiful week's end!  A very successful first party!

Have a safe and fun Halloween! Love, Jennifer