Sunday, September 14, 2014

September's Songs And Poems!

After going back and forth about offering the final song here, and after talking with some parents, Everybody's Got Their Something is back!  We only had it for three weeks in June, and it became such an important message for so many of the students that I thought it would be a nice shared memory to make as a class at the start of this year.  The song is long, and there are many words to learn, so I think there is an access point for all.  The beat is so fun and catchy and the kids are just so proud to explain to others what this means to them.  After all, aren't we all just trying to find new somethings that make us "smile like an itty bitty child"?

The other poems have been neat for the students to delve into and I already have a reflection page in the works for you, about their first stab at analyzing poems this year.  This ritual is so rewarding and fun.  I hope you enjoy learning them together with your child this month!

Have a great day, Jennifer

PS As always, you can click on the photo to enlarge it!

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