Friday, September 19, 2014

Another 3D week in September!

Hello Families!

I am excited to share more about the week with you today.  This week had some special highlights, and lots of learning.  (The image above is a sneak peak at a page I am writing, since I can't always share everything here!  Stay tuned!)

Thanks for all your thoughts, suggestions, reflecitons and feedback in the home to school journals!  I received this idea, and appreciate being able to share this image of some of the people that work with your child!  I wasn't able to get a photo of Erin, a student teacher who comes on Mondays, but you can find her photo and letter of introduction up in our classroom!
We are lucky enough to have valuable help from:  Brianna, and Lisa.  I really appreciate how dedicated they are to knowing your children and helping them with everything! Alycia, in the middle, is a student teacher we have helping on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Our morning shares this week were helping us to get to know each other, and we are using the brainstorm lists or word webs to help us begin seeing patterns of commonalities that might lead us to choosing a class name!  (I admit I have almost called out "Thoughtful Creative Listeners, please line up!" a few times at recess!)  I am excited to see what these group of children this year decide will be a meaningful name- one that represents who they are and who they want to become.

This type of thinking about ourselves is also similar to one of our journal entries this week: Goal setting!  The students thought about ways they would commit to helping others this year.  Here you see their ideas, and the personal ways that they share them!  

(Remember that everyone is on thier own learning journey, and that this is a great starting point for each and every one of these students!  As the year progresses, each student will tailor thier own writing challenges to grow in their penmanship, in getting more ideas written on paper, in their spelling and in understaning the nuances of punctuation!)

Our Math Talks have already lead the students to start to see quantities in different ways.  They are also verbalizing the equation that I ought to write, so that it will correctly reflect how they saw the parts of the whole.  When I challenged friends, "Are there any other ways you see it?"- please check out Patrick T and Lucy's explanation that the class was excited to see!

Today, as a class, (since it is finally less hot!) we used the hundreds chart on the big yard to gain a visual for what skip counting is.  Different students took turns skipping to the numbers that we said out loud (when counting by 2s, 5s, 10s) and showing how the numbers we skipped are still there, but we just overlooked them.  Skip counting is an interesting new topic for some, while others are excited about the chanting and memorization, while others, still, can explain it.  This was a fun way to begin to see it!

The first graders did some coin practice and time practice in the last hours of school this week.  They just really love these challenges, and we are giving them larger quantities of coins to calculate.  This week, we began practicing memorizing which number (1-12) represents which minute quantity (counting by fives)

First grade spelling wall:  Please check your child's back pack for their index card where they wrote the words they plan on learning at home this week!  Friends have already been able to utilize other's memory at work time, when we ask for spelling words from the previous week!  The system is beginning to work!  
What memorization strategy did your child try?  
Which ones worked for them and which ones didn't?

Today we began our meetings with our Eighth Grade Buddies!  Each class has a cross school connection, and this is always a nice time to read, play games, share curriculum topics and enjoy the special bond you can make with a student in another grade.  Today, we began by sitting in a circle to meet some of the students.  The outside circle periodically rotated so that each student got to chat with a few students from the other class.  At first some of the friends were a little nervous to meet new people, but soon it became a pretty gregarious, fun time!

Some last info:
Open Choice ideas that were new(most of the other ideas are still running from last week, as they think so deeply and or others are interested, too!):
Drawing and conveying an action that is in process (for their 3D drawing, as well as story writing)
Sap's uses, but also what it's job is for the tree
Library organization- what organization with help us actually find books we need?
Board Game creation- planning, wokring out the bugs and forming agreements

Our other journal topic this week was about the 3D research we are doing.  I found some of these images on the internet (lucky to find such exciting images from others!), and they were pivital  in helping students dissect how one can show dimensionality.  
Which image helps you to think about how to make something seem 3D on a 2D medium?

(I have a page in the works about the discussion we had around this!)

Have a great weekend!  Love, Jennifer


  1. Looks like another great week! Jennifer (Veronica's mom)

  2. What a fun week they had! Thank you Jennifer (and all involved) for making school such a fun and meaningful place for kids. And thank you for keeping up with this blog, I love every word and every picture you post, usually I go through each post, 2-3 times so that I don't miss anything :)