Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

Hello First Grade Families!

Parents are amazing- I don't know how you do it!  You each do so much juggling and "overtime" and give many memorable moments to your child each day.  It was lovely for me to take down these words and hear how they each spoke about their dads.  Wishing you a fun and special day together!

Happy Father's Day! 

 Love, Jennifer

Saul: I like finishing up Legos with my dad.  He helps me with them.
Rachel: I like it when my dad, he wrestles with me because it's really fun.  I also like to make ice cream with him.  He also helps me my Legos.
Mykenah: What my dad does for me: he takes me and my brother to the pool and sometimes he takes us to the park.  Sometimes he takes is to get ice cream.  He cuddles up with me at night when we go to bed.  He hugs me.
Clare: What's special about my dad is he swims in the pool with me sometimes and he reads me stories before I go to bed.  And he takes me and my brother to the Hawaiian Ice place.
Katarina: My dad hugs me and kisses and he sleeps with me.
Bridey: I like playing games with my dad and he does laundry for me and he helps me learn how to swim and he does the dishes.
Kirana: What I love doing with my Papa is I like how he drives me to school and I like how he sometimes takes me out to dinner.  And he works in the back yard really hard by himself and that's why I really appreciate what he does for me.
Lucy: What I really like about what my grandfather does for me is that sometimes he takes me and my cousins to do fun stuff like get ice cream and go to places that we like and I like it when he snuggles up with me before I go to bed and sometimes it's a switch kind of and sometimes he snuggles me in my bed and sometimes I snuggle him in his bed.  To appreciate what he does for me, it's really nice for him when I read books for him, and I like it when he works out in he the garden with me.
Brett: I like to play sum swamp with my dad and I appreciate him for watching me shoot my bow and arrow.  He lets me go swimming.
Demetri: My dad teaches me how to clean my lizards cage out and teaches me how to clean the hermit crab cage. And he plays with me and sometimes we play basketball and stuff with my brother.  He tucks me in my bed and he hugs me.
Jack: What my dad does with me is count how much money I have.  And he builds Legos with me and plays with me and he snuggles with me.  He cooks for me and I like to cook with him.
Mikey: How I feel is my dad takes me to Legoland and Sea world.  He does puzzles with me.
William: What my dad does for me is he cooks scrambled eggs and I like it when he cooks them because he puts salt and ham in it.  And he takes me to Legoland and I like it because I eat lunch with him there and I also go on the rides.  And I like playing Zingo with him.
Liam: What I like to do with my dad is to go swimming with him and to go to the beach with him.  I appreciate him going swimming with me- when I get too tired, my dad comes over so I can get on him, in the water.
Patrick: What I like doing with my dad is play board games and swim with him.  He tucks me into bed and he brushes my teeth and he kisses me into bed,
Landon: I like to do with my dad is cooking with him and riding my bike with him and hopping on top of him and sleeping with him and playing tag and making stuff with him.
Brianna: What my dad does for me- he takes me to the mall and he bought me buddies.  And he does Legos with me and he helps me with them and he bes silly with me.
Gabby: What I appreciate about my dad is when he sings me my song when I go to bed.  I like when he takes me to the park.
Bayley: What I like what my dad does is he takes me to get slushies and he also takes me to go to the pool.
Sierra: He's really kind.  He helps me.  He loves me.  I like to go to the basket ball court with him.  He usually plays with me.  He does many things for me and my brother.  He writes with me.  He rides his bike with me.  We go hiking.  

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