Sunday, May 11, 2014

What a week of giving: Part 2!!!

Hello Kindergarten Families!

Thank you so much for making this Teacher Appreciation Week so special.  I loved all your thoughtful emails, special cards and the lovely book that so many friends contributed to.  I really appreciate the special gifts you sent in, too. I will have a luxurious and decadent weekend for sure! (And look forward to picking up tea in the morning and going on some shopping sprees!  Such fun!)   :) I feel so loved and am grateful for having such caring and friendly parents, and such thoughtful and sweet students.  Thank you!

It was also very special for me to watch the students create their cards for the many teachers they have in their lives. Last week I asked them to think about other teachers who help them, besides me.  We identified 20 in all!  Each student took an auxiliary teacher they wanted to honor and made an appreciation card for them.   This week was such a week of giving.  Each card was made with care and love and show the students' best effort! Their drawing and writing skills have come so far, with so much thought involved.   It was especially fun to find the right times to deliver these special cards!  (I took photos of them before they were glued fully, so that you could see both front and back together at once...)

(Some students will finish their cards next week, since Mother's day projects took precedence this week!  :)

Our first "secret project" is finished and ready to send home.  I hope you love it!  Every single present was special and different.  I loved seeing how the students thought about what their mum would like and then designed a special piece.

We brainstormed ideas for gifts first.  Then I noticed there was a strong interest in two options, so we decided to go with making necklaces or framed art.  Next the students decided what you would like most.  From there, each group had a similar visit with me for inspiration.  The necklace group looked at images of necklace designs from different tribes around the world, and other jewelry artists.  The framed art group remembered the media that they know (sewing, watercolour, poetry and collage, in this case) and we also looked at work created by different artists.  Each of these meetings helped the students create their vision for their present: either drawing their design on a page as a plan to help them follow to finish their necklace pattern or a description of the art media they would use, materials and colour schemes.   And here is where it became personal- where each student created their own special piece- which was made with an abundance of excitement!  I can't tell you how many times I heard that you were going to love their gift!  :)

Some of the pieces were wrapped before I was able to photograph them (we were so excited!), but here are a few...

Happy Happy Mother's Day!  Thank you for sharing your amazingly creative children with me!  Love, Jennifer

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