Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day! Love To You All!

Happy Mother's Day to you all!  I hope it is a lovely weekend and you feel special.  Thank you for all you do!  I know your job is a constant one, with challenges, love and countless rewards.  Enjoy!

Love, Jennifer

Bayley: What my mom does for me is she helps me with things that are up high with things that are on the shelf. I love cooking with her.  I like drawing pictures with her.  She goes to bed with me and she gives me a hug at nighttime, and I like her cuz she does that- cuz she does it every night.  I appreciate her driving to school and sometimes not being late. She also packs me yummy things in my lunch.

Rachel: I appreciate my mom because she does the dishes and she does them a lot. She always puts me to bed.  She lets us watch movies.  I like to color with her.

Saul: What's special about my mom is that she takes care of me everyday and she never stops taking care of me.  And she helps me if I need help.  

Brett: What's special about my mom, my mom snuggles me a lot.  I love sorting all my toys in my closet with her because it's fun finding all the stuff I lost.

Demetri: I like my mom because she feeds me food and she puts me to bed and she gets me stuff and she gets my food and she wakes me up in help to morning.  I like going to the park- we go sometimes with her and we play.  Se reads a book to me and it's fun.

Clare: What's special about my mom I like laying down with her in bed sometimes.  She makes my lunch so I don't have to do it.  She cleans the dishes and I like to help her sometimes.  

Landon: What my aunt does with me is sometimes she does true stories with us.  I never heard true stories and I want to hear a lot about true stories when my aunt or when she was like a little kid when she does fun stuff.  

Katarina: What my mom does for me, she snuggles me and she puts me to bed and she makes my lunch so I don't have to so I can do my other steps in the morning.  I like having special time with her and alone time and I like being with her because my mom is really fun to be with.  It's because she helps me not fight with my sister.  We do fun things together like sometimes we read books at night when were alone.

Jack: My mom helps me make creations at home.  And she helps me make snowflakes for Christmas.  I help her cook.  I sew with her.

Mikey: What my mom does for me is takes me to Sea World.  I go to Legoland with her too.  My mom does crafts with me, too.  She wakes me up and she brings me to school.

Liam: What my mom does for me is she gets me goldfish when ever it's snack time on Sundays and Saturdays.  I play games with my mom, like Monopoly.  She lays down with me when I go to sleep.

Sierra: What makes me feel good about my mom that she takes me places and it makes me feel good.  Sometimes she takes me to the park.  Sometimes she puts me to sleep.  I like playing games with her.

William: What my mom does for me is on soccer days she gives me yummy snacks that she packs.  When I go to sleep sometimes she does work and then sleeps with me.  I like playing Candyland with her.  She cooks me dinner.  I like when she, like last night, she cooked hotdog, veggies and noodles. I liked it because I like that mix of food and the vegetables and noodles both have butter on them. And I also like playing Zingo with her. And also watching cartoons.

Kirana: What I like doing with my mom is playing games like Candyland.  I love reading books with her because she reads it in a special way, she reads it slowly.  She drives me to school.  And she drives me back.  She plays the radio.

Lucy: What's special about my mom is she lets me cook with her on the stove when I get scrambled eggs in the morning and I get to pick what breakfast I can have and she snuggles me a lot and she, whenever I need a hug, she gives me one and she gives me lots of kisses.  She reads lots of books to me.  She also lets me bake with her when she bakes.  When my cousin is over, she does even better stuff, like she turns on the radio of us and on hot days, like when it's a 100 degrees we also get to play in the sprinklers.  And we get to play with the holes and she does all these tricks with the hose and kind of like a simple trick called the jump rope, and it's just like the water is the jump rope and the rainbow and we get to go under it.  She lets us treasure hunt in the back yard.

Evelynne: What's special about my mom is that she tucks me in at night and what my mom also does for me is she lets me play outside.  What I do with my mom is I do arts and crafts with her and I even color with her.  What she does for me is she helps me cook in my mini bake oven.

Patrick: What's special about my mom is that she lets me plant with her.  She tucks me in at night.  We hold hand arm to arm and then we spin around, cuz I ask if we can do that and then she says yes, and then we start doing it.  It makes me feel happy and dizzy.  He does this [crosses herself] cuz we go to church on Sundays.  It makes me feel good because it makes me fall asleep.  She starts tucking me in bed, and then she covers me in my blanket and then we start crossing ourselves.  It's praying.

Bridey: What my mom does for me is she makes dinner and she does laundry and I like to help her fold.  We watch movies together sometimes and I like to play games with her.  When I'm writing something, she helps me with words. 

Gabby: What my mommy does for me is she helps me when it's time to get dressed.    She helps me remember what I'm going to do today in my house.  She helps me remember when it's time to eat breakfast.  I like to play with her.

Brianna: What I like about my mom is because she always cooks dinner and she takes her time, and even when it's not really my birthday or any thing, she makes really good food.  Also, what I like is she teached me how to ride my scooter down really big hills.  She also, on Fridays, she has movie night with me and also we turn off all the lights and we use a flashlight to play a game and we hide the dolls in the dark.

Mykenah: What I appreciate about my mom is she colors with me and she plays games with me and she cuddles with me.  She does my laundry.  

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