Monday, May 5, 2014

Another full and special week!

Hello Families!

Happy new week!  I can't believe we are already here in May.  Crazy!  There are so many ideas that your children have, and we are looking at the calendar and realizing how little time we have left of this year.  We have some special things we would like to finish, and then it is summer!

I hope you were able to check out the last blog post on Monday's field trip.  That was a great way to start a week!  Next week we are off on our next field trip already.  Can you believe it?  Thank you to all the families who have volunteered to drive and keep these trips safe and full of learning!

This week we continued time practice as well as began a bit of research about different coins.  We looked up facts about the penny and the nickel.  I wonder if you have begun talking about this at home because of their interest?  The kids are pretty interested in the history behind coins, where they are minted and the fact that their designs have changed and you could find different styles out there.  I wonder if any of them will become avid coin collectors some day...

Bridey shared a special Sacajawea coin which she found in a leprechaun trap that she puts out whenever her grandfather comes to visit.  The students were intrigued by the coin and it's design, as well as the other part of this story. Why do leprechauns only come to her house when her grandfather comes?  Kirana also shared three styles of penny that she found.

The weather has brought up new interests!   Thanks to Clare's dad, Aaron, we now have two styles of temperature gauges, one out on the arbor, as well as the sensor for the indoor gauge which tells us both outdoor and indoor temperatures.  The students were super interested in identifying and pronouncing the temperature at any given moment.  This has been a fun part of a very hot week!

Please come into class to see some of the pieces friends have written about the wind.  The "extreme" weather we have had stimulated an excitement about the types of wind and its strength.  Here are many types: how would you explain the differences?

You read the reflection page that I created about the class' synonym discussion.  This week we had another discussion which lead to categorizing words that may be used in similar contexts, but students think they are not quite the same.  Many friends began trying to put words like large, huge, small, tiny, and enormous in order.  I thought this was quite interesting, especially that each friend has specific ideas about these words being subtly different and larger or smaller than the other.

Also this week:  More friends finished their earth day posters.  Please make sure to go back and check out all of the fabulous posters that they have created!  Have anyone else put these up anywhere?  Out in public is great, and I also thought places like a break room or informational bulletin boards in your business might work, too!

Brett shared his machine- anyone else make these at home?

Finally, Jack shared some photos of a new tenant his family has in their yard: a hummingbird family!  We looked up how tiny different bird eggs are and the students were amazed at the differences!

Finally, we also have some secret projects which I am not sharing yet.  One of our special projects, which I can share, is Teacher Appreciation.  The students made a list of teachers in their lives and they came up with 19 not including me!  Each student is working on a card for one of the many adults who are in their lives, thinking of what to say to show their appreciation for all they do.  These are quite thoughtful already.

Well I will stop adding things, so that I can publish this!  Have a beautiful week!  Thanks, Jennifer

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