Friday, May 9, 2014

A week of giving and excitement: Part 1

Hello Kindergarten Families,

I am creating a two-part blog entry so that I don't ruin the surprises that went home... So I will make my second part "live" on Sunday so that you will have a chance to read about a few things we did this week now, and then the rest of the (exciting) part of the week I will share with you in part two!

Our story problems this week involved subtraction.  The students are being stretched to try new strategies to organize their work and explain their thinking.  Many also are noticing that it has to be clear so that they can go back and check their work...

We are enjoying investigating coins.  Thank you to the families who have brought in different coins.  This week we were able to see a rare steel penny from WWII and also a coin from Japan.
Here are two games you can play at home (they like to play these with real coins, if you have them in this day and age...):

This is an easier game and helps with understanding coordinates and coin quantities:

This game requires a little more understanding, but is very valuable to play as a family.  One possibility is to start out playing in partnerships, so that your Kindergarteners has someone on their team to help them.

We are also getting ready for our trip.  Here are their questions about the dairy farm...  Good stuff to investigate, which we will be learning more about next week!

Clare: How do they make milk at the dairy farm?
Lucy: Why do cows make milk?
Landon: How many cows are there at the farm?
Demetri: How do they turn the milk into ice cream and cheese?
Jack: Why do cows eat grass and then the grass turns into milk?
Sierra: How many spots do cows have?
Jennifer: How often do you have to clean the machines that help milk the cows?
Patrick: Are there different kinds of cows?
Bayley: How do the machines work?
Bridey: Do you just make the milk, or do you make it into something?  How often do you have to feed the cows?
Rachel: I don’t know how you get the milk into the jugs, because the part that the milk goes out of is so tiny?
Evelynne: How do you feed the cows?
Kirana: How do you make cheddar cheese with cow’s milk?
Katarina: When do the cows eat?
Saul: What do cows eat?
William: How often do you get the milk, everyday, do you put the bucket under and the cow gives you milk or is it like more days, and then you do it?
Brianna: How do cows get born?
Brett: Where did you get the animals for the dairy farm?
Liam: Where are the cows kept?
Gabby: How does the machine get it’s energy?

Have a beautiful weekend, Jennifer

But wait, there's more!!!   ...  A yummy recipe from Beth, which the students made this week!

Hi Ladies,

The kids wanted the recipe for the Kale Smoothie.

1 cup chopped kale
1 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 cup frozen pineapple
1 fresh banana
1-2 oranges squeezed juice only
1/2 cup -1 cup rice milk

Blend and enjoy!

Other foods we have tasted from garden this year:

Broccoli, cheddar cauliflower, snowy cauliflower, kale, rainbow chard, rainbow carrots, jeweled beets, sugar snap peas, curly leaf lettuce, bok choy, read leaf lettuce

Beth Foster
Sustainability Programs
Community Liaison

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