Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Week Of Exhibition- Many Great Memories!

Hello Families!

I am excited to catch up on our blog, now that I had a relaxing and fun week off.  I was able to see my family and my sister is VERY pregnant, now, too!  She is in her last month, and everything is going really well.  I will be driving up there to be a part of the birth of my niece, so if you hear that I wasn't at school in the next few weeks, you will know why!  Clara is thinking of what fun things she might do with the kids when I am gone!

(Only my brother wasn't there, since he lives in Seattle!)

The week before Exhibition was a sweet time.  A few friends were finishing up on items for Exhibition, but the rest of the week was for fun and reflecting on all of our planning and hard work.  The day that the Kodos order came in was really exciting!  The kids were planning on this obstacle course for a bit, and they couldn't wait for this package.  I couldn't wait either!  It was very cool to see how the students were so intuitive and learned through trial and error, so that they could play with the speed and understand how many and how high to make the hills and deflectors.  I hope you had fun playing with it on Exhibition night, but if you didn't get enough, come in to class before or after school!

After Exhibition Night we enjoyed our Pajama-ing Day!

This was inspired by our interest in different word ending in the English language.  The kids were so great about working to find so many words in the children's books they were reading- our wall is pretty full of words!

The students began some great lists of words that include -er, -ing, -ed, -ght and -ck.  If you find more in your reading this week, we can add them!  

The students also enjoyed making their own fresh squeezed OJ for our little muffin treat, using my old and true juicer from the '70s! 

Thank you so much to all of our family helpers who come often and make the day so special by helping the students in lots of ways, and who add their joy and humor to the day.  I really appreciate the extra help, also, so that I can have fun, as well!  I hope you enjoyed your spring break as well!  I heard many great stories already!

Love, Jennifer

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