Friday, April 25, 2014

Earth Month Continues!

Hello Kindergarten families!

Another fun week- when isn't it one?  These kids amaze me with their ideas, their growth and the way they care about so much.  Our campaign to get our Earth Day messages up and out in San Diego has begun. (See the last post, below...) Lucy has sent in our first photo: She and her mum placed three in the Mira Mesa Library!  They will be up there for two weeks!  Mykenah's dad also placed one of our signs at work!  Keep the photos coming!!!

Another aspect of the class' Earth Day plans was to go on a trash clean up walk.  We walked up the road to the nice little park up there.  We did find some trash, but I was thinking that people seem to keep it pretty clean, or our neighborhood workers are on it!

We even noticed another way to conserve in our area!

With the weather being so beautiful, we have spent much time outdoors.  This week we had two birthday meetings outside!  

We also read in the park one day, and it was a calm, sweet moment!  These students are becoming such readers!  They really persevere and are excited to be reading!

This week we also investigated how to read a clock.  We made a big clock on the floor and tried to differentiate the jobs of the little and the big hand.  We even used a littler and a bigger person to help us see this modeled.  The kids loved seeing how much and how fast the minute hand moves in relation to the hour hand.  We will continue to practice this consistently, as practice is often how we gain total understanding!

It has been a lovely week so far!  Love, Jennifer

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