Monday, April 14, 2014

A visit from a special storyteller

Hello Kindergarten Families,

I hope your child shared the storyteller experience with you.  He told many fun and special stories and also reminded us of the fact that we don't need animation, screens or illustrations to become enthralled with a story!  The group of over 7 classes were totally engrossed in the voices, expression, humor and story lines that we were able to enjoy on Thursday morning.  The stories were from different cultures and have been handed down through the generations.

Our Patrick, and also Rachel's big brother Ian were two  of the students chosen for the second to last story.  They did a great job listening and being ready for anything, following the clues and adding their own voice styles and animated expressions.  It was a beautiful hour of excitement!  My personal favourite was the story from Japan, which reinforced the concept of community connection.

Thank you to Beth for making this special experience happen at our school.  Have a great day, Jennifer

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