Sunday, April 13, 2014

A fun week back!

Hello Families,

My new niece was born this week!  I was lucky enough to go up to be a part of my sister's birthing experience and to meet and hold Kylie a lot!  I will post photos soon.  She is a doll and really sweet and mellow so far.

This week we had so many special moments.  It was really sweet getting back together and seeing how caring this group is.  They really remembered how to "do school"!

We started off on Tuesday in the park, journaling about our spring break experiences.  Check out their journals for a close up!

We practiced some different spellings, looking for similarities and special features that help us remember the order of the letters in these more difficult spellings.  The group work in pairs to do a "pair share" so that they could speak one-on-one about what they were discovering.  Our class loves noticing spelling nuances and had fun finding many words inside of these words.  Notice the final state of the board, where I underlined and noted the many different elements the students pointed out!

We even noticed that Wow is Mom upside down!  This came about when we were joking that the 'ou' team in would is not saying ow! so that it doesn't sound like "wowed", which led me to show the true spelling of the word, "wow".

This week we also worked on new story problems.  (I don't know if you noticed but I have said to the kids that I will write one about every one of your families!) This challenge was about making a quantity even between a number of people.  We have discussed different strategies and the students began trying out how to make this work in action.  Please come in to the class to read more examples!  Each student has their own way of explaining and showing their thinking process.  It is fun to see each style!

The caterpillars that Brett's family shared with us hatched over vacation!  Brett brought them back in so that we could check these out!  Many friends used their open choice time to investigate these creatures and write about them. We noticed that their wings are not actually the shape of the letter B as many students often draw them!  The kids also noticed that the two sides of the wings are different!

This coincided nicely with our change to the science area in the last month.  The students have shown an interest in learning more about new animals, so we pulled out many resources for this research.  It is fun watching how joyful the students are as they discover more about other creatures!

I hope your weekend has gone nicely!  Love, Jennifer

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