Friday, April 25, 2014

A Beautiful End To A Lovely Week!

Hello Kindergarten Families!

We are so lucky to have such great families.  Today was another example.  Rick, Landon's dad, offered to bring in his many instruments and lead a great workshop!

We began the day by looking a bit more at India and using google maps to "fly" there.  Evelynne's mum, Kristin, was there at that moment, and we found out that she used to be a travel agent, so she was even able to tell us which airports we would probably be passing through (Chicago, Frankfurt, then and a big city in India, before flying anywhere else!)  We looked a bit at the diverse geography of this nation.  The kids would like to explore this website further, so I told them I would post it here on the blog so that you could investigate the regions more together!

We also looked a shirt that Gabby's dad brought back for her mum, so that we could see some traditional dress from the area.  Next we researched some traditional instruments of India to get ready for seeing and hearing one up close with Rachel's dad!

We learned so much from Rick's presentation.  He showed us different types of guitars, with different strings (metal and nylon) and different amounts of strings, as well as an electric bass and a sitar!  He played each on separately so that we could hear the subtle differences and showed us many elements involved in playing the guitar and sitar (the parts of these instruments, the tremolo, mezrab,  the capo).    We also found out that in India they speak of learning to play the sitar in these three stages: 20 years learning to play, 20 years performing and 20 years teaching, and then after those 60 years, you could say that you really know how to play the sitar!  With it's 20 strings and many unique sounds, no wonder!  We are lucky to know someone who is on this journey to learn!

There was a moment when the students were listening to the different guitar types and Jack said, "That's like Hawaii music!" and later, listening to a different guitar, Gabby said, "That sounds a little bit like San Diego music!".   I was excited to think that these students are already learning how personal music is and how music and be related to geography.  We have heard many regional instruments and music from around the world this year, and they are noticing that a sound can give you the feeling of a place!  I thought this was really neat to reflect on.

After Rick showed us so much, he generously allowed the students to test these instruments themselves!  I had so much fun watching them  try different strategies and get into their music.  The end result was that many of the students want to start a band!  We have some budding musicians in the making!

Thank you so much to Rick for sharing his passion! And thank you to Rachel and Landon for sharing their dad and uncle, their guitars and for supporting the others by keeping some of their knowledge to themselves to that their peers could discover, exclaim and wonder at this special moment!

I hope you enjoy looking at these images together as a family!  See you tomorrow morning at the park date, Jennifer

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