Friday, March 7, 2014

Delayed On The Silk Road...

Hello Kindergarten Families!

I wanted to share that even though the Silk Road Concert is over, we are still quite curious and enjoying researching about the trading and the countries on the road.  This week we "went to" China and Japan.  We were lucky to have a special presentation by Clare's family because Clare's mum grew up in Okinawa.  Clare's dad shared about the fact that Okinawa was a special place where Japanese and Chinese traders would meet to exchange goods, traditions, music, writing and so much more.  Clare and her father created a beautiful map to show us, and they brought Japanese writing that Clare painted, as well as a poster of the Japanese alphabet characters.

It was very interesting for the class, and also helped us with another element we are thinking about: how you teach others.  We are getting involved in thinking about this because of Exhibition Night.  We are trying to design our room and create different types of presentations to share our learning.  More soon on this!  Here is a brainstorm from our initial discussion about how we learn, which helped us come up with ways we could teach others.

We also investigated China this week, so please check out your child's journal!  The students enjoyed checking out the many artifacts we now have in the class of places on the Silk Road!   We noticed that design details and symbols are often different when they are from different cultures.

Finally, I wanted to share a discussion we had at the end of February about one of the poems we studied that month.  I chose it because it evokes some of the feelings a traveler might have.  It also brought up the issues (weather, safety) that a trader could encounter and have to think about as they made their decisions to continue on the journey.

These students are becoming so adept at sharing their thinking.  I appreciate the many perspectives on interpreting this poem!

Have a great night, Jennifer

Analyzing the poem, "Delayed On The Road From Szechuan" by Chang Yueh

Brett: I think think he's going to Japan so he can trade for silk.
William: I reminds me of China's outer walls where it has that big wall and all the gates.
Clare: It reminds me of that I am traveling, that I see silk everywhere.
Bridey: When it says, "a travelers heart races", it makes me feel like the traveler's heart is beating fast.  Because it says races, because he's going fast to make his heart beat fast.
Evelynne: It reminds me of when my grandma and grandma left my house 'cuz we really loved them and they loved us.
Demetri: I'm not sure if it's China or Japan, but it reminders me of the bells on the walls. (To warn the rest of unsafe things coming)
Brianna: It feels like when your heart races, it's when you're scared.
Jennifer: Why would the traveler be scared, maybe?  Anyone have a reason why the traveler might be scared?
Bayley: It might be' cuz he might be going to another country where there other scary things.
Demetri: Maybe it's like he's scared because it's far away.
Gabby: Maybe there's something that's coming to take his things or eat him.
Saul: Maybe it's because it's winter and they would steal their stuff.
Jennifer: I was thinking about how they had to decide of they should go or not based on the weather and maybe he is nervous about that?
Rachel: It reminds me about the book, a single pebble and how the pirate took it for the person.
Bayley: Or he's worried about if the weather changes bad.
Demetri: Sometimes it's cold and then it changed hot.
William: It was hot and a nice day and he is going and then it all of a sudden turns cold.
Gabby: For when the wind doesn't wait for anyone, I think it means that the wind is blowing all the time and not waiting.
Brianna: It feels Iike the travelers heart is racing night time and day.  Day time and nighttime is passing.
Jennifer: Yeah, he could be racing time.
Jack: It's like the traveler is hunting for something.
Jennifer: What is he hunting for?
Liam: I think he was trying to look for stuff that are interesting.
Gabby: Maybe he's seeing if it's stormy or not stormy.  
Jennifer: Like hunting for clues?

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