Friday, March 21, 2014

Almost to Exhibition Week!

Happy First Day Of Spring!

Today the sun came out and we were able to journal near our plants.  Fiends witnessed bees, butterflies and hummingbirds and asked about the names of the plants we were near.  It was nice to connect with the plant life we have around us and to be able to witness the busy work of animals.  Fridays are our watering days, so we also took care of the plants in that way, as well.

Please make sure to scroll down to my prior blog entry about our field trip.  Wednesday was a fun and special day off campus! We are so lucky to have such involved parents to make it work for us to have these experiences.  The day before our trip, the class looked at the map and discovered that there were three driving options that google maps offered.  One route, the 15-163-5, was the fastest, taking 23 minutes, vs over a half hour for the other two.  The students identified which direction we would be driving, and also that even though the architect's office we were headed to is in Shelter Island, it is not actually an island.

This week I introduced a new type of word problem.  This involves grouping and ensuring that there is an equal amount for all people.  We will continue this next week.  I created these smaller questions to help us plan strategies for solving so that we may soon solve our bigger question: How many heart decorations does each child get to take home from the 100 Love Party?  I look forward to us solving this big question as a group next week!

We are doing so much to get ready for exhibition.  I can't wait!  I know it is going to be a really fun and special night.  The students have thought deeply about how they personally learn so that we could create Exhibition Night to convey as much of our learning to you, our audience.  They have planned a few hands on stations for you to work so that you can make your own mistakes, which is one of the ways they think we all learn best!  Here is the map of our room which we worked out this week.  I don't want to share too much, so I will keep the rest for next week when you come for the big night!

Finally, we began the week with four exciting think tanks which met on the topic of inclined planes.  The class was testing different strategies to change the variables to achieve these four outcomes:
What could make the car go fast? Slow? Far? Not far at all?

The students came up with many new possibilities and learned from each other by watching when something worked in one group that every other group thought wouldn't work!  The next day we created a word web to track all of our findings, so far...  I can't wait for them to test and discover more variables when we set up our obstacle course next week!

I wish you a beautiful weekend!  Love, Jennifer

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