Friday, February 14, 2014

Almost 100!

Hello Kindergarten families!

How are you?  I am getting better, slowly, after another night full of coughing fits.  Fun stuff!
(My IPad does't let me edit below a certain line, so I see that the spell check has changed the title of the book I referenced below.  This book is actually titled, "A Single Pebble")

I wanted to get a post up for you, so you can be excited about the great plans and ideas your children are exploring.  Then I will add photos later..

Monday's 100 Love party and parade!
This should be fun.  All are welcome to join: parade at 9:05, party from 10:20-11:45.

Activities the students planned:
Making a mosaic with 100 pieces
Constructing a structure with 100 pieces
Writing one hundred notes (we may need family support on this one!)
A counting game the kids made up with the goal to get to 100
Counting by different quantities to 100
Completing 100 piece puzzles
And snack of course!

The kids will be doing lots of counting and we already started last week by working on the goal of having 100 decorations.  We are now at about 85 or so, so by the time the party comes along, we will be able to make that goal happen, too!

We are also researching the history of the Silk Road and all the countries that are along the route.  Last week we looked into how the traders got the different items  and how countries would be able to get items they had never had before.  This week we will investigate the music and specific instruments from five of the main countries: Italy, Turkey, Persia, India and China.  The students have been very curious about other places and love the curious stories about travel be fore cars, trains and planes.  We have been reading portions of the book, "A Song Pebble" to go along with this research.  We plan to finish that book next week.

In math, our curiosity about story problems continue.  The problems the students have worked on so far are up on the wall.  I hope you have had a chance to check out the diverse ways the students are representing their thinking!  It is really neat to see how each person organizes the quantities and the problem in general.  Next week we plan to try some new styles of math problems and continue to hone the craft sf deciding what you need to represent to solve the problem.

I hope you all are having a lovely four day weekend.  If you do any 100 counting or Silk Road research at home,  as a family, please send it in to share with the class!

Enjoy your day, Jennifer

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